Zvelt is a weight loss patch that is simply applied anywhere on the skin and used to aide in losing weight and increasing energy. It is designed to move with the person’s skin so that it doesn’t wear out during their day, even if they have a hectic schedule or frequently work out. Zvelt does not demand any expensive pre-packaged meals, strenuous diets, or counting calories from the user. It is intended to work with the user by decreasing their appetite and giving them more energy to exercise. Zvelt is considered safe and easy to use. Clinical studies on the patch have shown that it is successful in weight loss. 

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Now you can lose weight the easy and safe way with the Zvelt weight loss patch. There are weight loss patches for everything else, and now finally, there’s one for weight loss. Zvelt is safe and doesn’t require you to change your lifestyle in any way. You’ll find yourself with a decreased appetite and more energy so that you can eat less and work out more. Its key ingredient is Forslean, which is a substance known to help mobilize fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Real people have seen real results with Zvelt and you can too. Simply apply and go on with your day! 

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  • Developed by Progenum
  • Infused with clinically proven ingredients that absorb slowly through the skin when the patch is applied
  • Patches stimulate the body’s natural fat-burning capabilities
  • Increases energy level and decreases appetite
  • Order includes 14 patches
  • Super Soft Volara fabric stretches with movement
  • New patch is applied every day
  • Key ingredient is Forslean
  • No negative side effects have been reported
  • Considered safe to use
  • Different ingredients and unique from other weight loss patches


  1. Losing weight
  2. Decreasing appetite
  3. Increasing energy
  4. Feeling better
  5. Looking better
  6. Reducing dress/pants size
  7. Replacement for other weight loss methods that are considered unsafe or don’t work

How it works

The key ingredient in the Zvelt weight loss patches is Forslean, which is a natural substance that is known to help mobilize fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

How to use it

  1. Simply apply the patch anywhere on the skin.
  2. Be sure to apply a new patch every day. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is this safe?

Very safe. The clinical study that was conducted monitored not just results, but safety as well. How to apply/wear? It can be worn anywhere, but the ideal placement would be on lean tissue.

Side Effects?

According to the clinical study, and 10 years of customer sales, the product does not produce negative side effects. Ingredients: Although all of the ingredients are important, the key ingredient is Forslean. A natural substance that is known to help mobilize fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Do they work?

In addition to the data collected in the clinical study, we have had thousands of positive reports from very happy customers over the years.

Do they expire?

They are very stable but we suggest not storing them for over one year.

Does it give skin irritation?

In most cases no. Occasionally, someone with very sensitive skin may experience minor irritation.

How long does a patch last?

The patch should be removed and replaced once each day.

Any risk for smokers, women or diabetics?

No risk for smokers or women. We always suggest checking with your physician regarding any conditions such as diabetes.

What color are they?

The Zvelt patch is made with blue Velora foam, and the Zvelt eXtreme patch is made with white Velora foam.

Can I wear mine in a less obvious place than my arm?

Yes; many people prefer to wear the patch in a more discrete area such as the lower back.

How big are the boxes? Can I fit them in my purse, gym bag?

Keep in mind that there is no need to apply more than once daily so you don’t usually need to carry them with you, however, the patches are very thin and are supplied individually making them very easy to take along.

I’ve heard that diet patches don’t work.

All diet patches are not the same! Since it is a very popular delivery system, there are other patches on the market, but they do not contain our proprietary blend of safe and effective ingredients.

Any chance of overdosing?

While we certainly suggest people follow the package directions, none of the ingredients have great potential to cause harm if too much is absorbed. This is NOT at all like Ephedrine.

What if I want/do wear more than one patch at a time?

Many people did wear more than one patch at a time, which is what lead to the development of the Zvelt eXtreme patch. We believe that contains the ideal dose of our active ingredients.

Are there any conflicts when used with other medications?

There are no known contra-indications, but it is always best to consult with your pharmacist or physician for specific questions.

Is there a suggested use/body weight?

The product was designed for everyone whether they are trying to shed 100 pounds or 10 pounds. How soon can I get them? Most orders are processed the same day or the following day.

How do I become a preferred customer?

New customers just need to ask! Our Preferred Customer program provides deep discounts on all future orders. We also set you up on a convenient, automated shipping system designed to make sure you never run out! Of course, it can be cancelled at any time with no penalty.

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Customer Service Phone Number: 888-405-8129
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