Wipe New Home

Wipe New Home is a surface restorer that is intended to be used on the surface of multiple outdoor structures and fixtures. It consists of a proprietary nano-polymer formula that is engineered to only be applied one time. This means the user just needs to take one of the pre-soaked wet cloths and wipe the area one time. One wipe with Wipe New Home creates a finished barrier that lasts for years. Wipe New Home can protect vinyl, plastic, stone, fiberglass, marble, and metal, and can be used to restore shutters and sidings, patio furniture, lighting fixtures, mailboxes, garden accessories, grills, and more. 

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Wipe New renews, restores, protects, and lasts! It comes in pre-soaked cloths that simply need to be removed and applied one time and it will leave behind a protective finish that will last for years to come. Wipe New can be used on multiple outdoor structures and fixtures and is so easy to use. It can be used on table tops, grills, signs, metal railways, shutters, window trims, mailboxes, lighting fixtures, and so much more. Wipe New just needs to be applied once and the shine will last for years! This will save money on replacements by renewing the item.

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The cost of Wipe New Home is $12.99 plus $4.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Wipe New Home by paying the extra shipping fee of $2.99 for a total price of $20.97.

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Needs only one application 
  • Wipe is pre-soaked and can be applied to most outdoor structures and fixtures 
  • Wipes away years of sun-fading and leaves a protective finish that will last for years 
  • Also protects from oxidation, fading, and water damage 
  • Contains a proprietary nano-polymer formula that penetrates deep 


  1. Grills
  2. Table tops 
  3. Garden fixtures and accessories 
  4. Metal railings 
  5. Window trim 
  6. Signs 
  7. Hot tubs 
  8. Patio furniture
  9. Mailboxes
  10. Shutters and sidings 
  11. Lighting fixtures 

How it works

Wipe New Home contains pre-soaked clothes in the package that are saturated with a proprietary nano-polymer formula which penetrates deep to protect and restore for years. They are able to restore and protect outdoor fixtures with just one single wipe. Wipe New Home is intended for faded items that have become faded over time. 

How to use it

  1. Remove the ready-to-use pre-soaked wipe 
  2. Apply to outdoor structures and fixtures 
  3. Apply only once; no need to reapply 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I use Wipe New?

Simply take a pre-soaked cloth out of its package and wipe it once across the faded item. That’s it!

Is Wipe New safe?

Yes, Wipe New is safe to use.

How much does Wipe New cost?

Wipe New costs just $12.99 + $4.99 shipping and handling.

How do I acquire the free bonus kit?

The bonus kit can be yours for a small handling fee of just $2.99.

What exactly does Wipe New do?

Wipe New renews, restores, and protects from oxidation, fading, sun and water damage, and more on multiple outdoor fixtures and structures.

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Wipe New
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Virginia Beach, VA 23450-2607
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. EST
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-347-9045
Email: cs@wipenew.com
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