Turbo Jam

Inspired by dance and martial arts moves, Turbo Jam kicks up a notch with exercise moves that integrate multiple muscle groups (upper body, lower body and abs) that have been clinically proven to burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour routine. Each DVD included prepares and works your body in ways that will only make it stronger and build balance and core strength. Learn and Burn teaches new moves and introduces you to Elite 11, a set of flash cards that burn specific problem areas; Turbo Sculpt, sculpts your body into lean, sexy muscles; a full body workout to burn multiple areas is provided in the 20-minute workout; have fun with the cardio party, intended to blast fat while dancing to the hottest music; and Ab Jam, the target-specific dvd that helps flatten that tummy.

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Clinically proven to burn fat fast, get you in shape and sculpt your body, Turbo Jam participants were able to lose up to 1,000 calories in only one hour workout. The secret is the integration of multiple muscle groups, in this case, the upper, lower body and abs. Charlene Johnson keeps you moving continuously to burn the ultimate amount of fat while keeping it fun with dance and martial inspired moves and upbeat music. In addition to the workouts, Charlene includes "Elite 11" a set of flash cards designed to target specific problem areas: arms, abs, butt, legs and thighs. Overall, the workout sculpts you into a lean, sexy body while making the work efficient and keeping it all fun.

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  • Five fat burning workouts: Learn and Burn, Turbo Sculpt, 20-minute workout, Cardio Party and Ab Jam
  • Personal training cards
  • 24/7 Online support
  • Step-by-step Turbo results guide


  1. Burn fat and calories
  2. Sculpt and tone body
  3. Create lean muscles
  4. Targets trouble areas

How it Works

Turbo Jam workouts concentrate on a range of muscle groups (the upper, lower and abs) at once providing a more effective workout than walking, jogging, pilates and circuit training. Charlene Johnson’s easy to follow routines strengthen and sculpt your body, aiding in overall balance and core strength in less time and burns more fat than any other traditional exercise routine. The moves are set of music, making your routine fun and energizing. In addition to the workout, Charlene includes Elite 11, a set of flash cards with targeted moves to blast those troublesome areas.

How to Use it

  1. Start with the Learn and Burn dvd
  2. Consult the guidebook, training cards and online support when necessary
  3. Followed by the rest of the dvds, in order

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who would benefit from Turbo Jam and why?

The following groups of people would benefit from Turbo Jam:

A. Fitness beginners: The moves are easy to learn and easily broken down
B. People who want to lose weight and get toned: Turbo Jam burns maximum calories while sculpting lean muscles
C. Women who don’t want to build big muscles: The workouts are designed to lean out your body, not create bulky muscles
D. People who want to lose weight fast: The Turbo slim rapid results program helps you shed up to 10 lbs in 10 days
E. People who want fun workouts to keep from getting bored: The variety of workouts and Chalene’s enthusiasm will keep you motivated

What makes Turbo Jam unique?

Turbo Jam is a combination of martial arts-style training and dancing. Chalene’s fun, motivating personality makes the workouts upbeat and energetic. The addition of Turbos (high-intensity intervals) improves your fitness while increasing your calorie burn. 

Are there any promotions available?

Yes, at the moment, if you buy Turbo Jam online or by phone, you can get three bonus products for free; including Turbo Sculpting Gloves that have been proven to increase muscle activity up to 96%; an advanced workout dvd called Punch; Kick and Jam; and an easy meal plan to help you lose weight faster and safer.

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