Tree Dazzler

Tree Dazzler is the name of vertical set of colorful decoration lights originally made for Christmas trees but can be used for any event. It consist of a central ring, from which vertical arrays of spherical LED Bulbs extend outwards. LED can light up with multiple colors. The product comes with a programmed remote control that controls the sequence and color of lights. This feature has been specially designed to enable the LEDs to set up a spectacular light show to add life and color to the Christmas tree. Program for the light-show comes with multiple display sequences, which can be set up by an easy and user friendly 3 button remote. Infomercial demonstrates how easily you can choose the light-show you like. One of the special features of this product is that the spherical LED Bulbs are virtually unbreakable and the vertical strings do not tangle with each other. Thus it eliminates the conventional problems of tangled and damaged ordinary lights that take hours to untangle and set up. Tree Dazzler also is extremely easy to handle, adding more color to your Christmas.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, it is a “No Hassle Decorating Guaranteed” product. It has been demonstrated that the vertical strands of led bulbs never tangle with each other to the relief of the customer. You can pack them very easily and unpack them even more easily, unlike ordinary decorating lights that twist around each other, making it extremely difficult for you to untangle them and set up. Otherwise, it will not only costs you a lot of time with effort, but will also spoils your mood. The TV advertisement also claims that the globe shaped led bulbs are unbreakable, in case you accidentally step on them. Thus, these non-tangle virtually unbreakable decor lights are a lifetime no hassle guaranteed decoration.

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The cost of Tree Dazzler is $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $49.98.

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  • Easy To Handle

    The structure consist of a central ring with vertical strands of multicolor LED bulbs extended out to form the ring. All you have to do is to just carry the handle, which makes you worry-free from the LED strand handling. The ring is very light weight, making it easier for you to handle it with ease.

  • Strands Never Tangle

    One of the best features of this device is that the vertical strands of bulbs never tangle with each other. You can easily carry the product around prior to decoration. This feature makes the packing of strands worry-free for you. Whenever you need to use this, you just need to take it out and put on the item to be decorated, especially the Christmas tree.

  • Remote Control

    It comes with a programmed remote control to help you chose the light-show you like for your festival. The LEDs are electronically pre-programmed to respond to the remote control button and alter their display pattern. A user-friendly remote control is provided with three buttons. On repeatedly pressing, these three buttons are capable of doing more than just one function. The remote control itself is wired to the product, which eliminates the risk of losing it, and hence the control unit of the decoration lights.

  • Glittering Light

    LEDs that are used in this device glow with a sparkling shine and add color to the environment, unlike standard bulbs which illuminate with uniform solid light. The glittering lights add sparkle to the festival and bring enthusiasm into your mood. Glittering Lights are specially designed to not only illuminate, but also dazzle the atmosphere for the joy of the people around them.

  • Solid Colors

    Color and display choices can be manipulated by you through the wired remote control. Solid and steady pattern of colors is one of the provided choices. You can set the Tree Dazzler to give out mono-color light such as red, blue or green only. The constant and steady illumination gives the environment a fantastic touch with uniform colored light. All you have to do is just press a button and choose your favorite color.

  • Alternating Colors

    Alternating Solid Colors is another color pattern supported by the Dazzler. Remote Control uses the same button to switch between Steady and Alternating Solid Colors. With this feature, the LED Bulbs perform synchronized switching from one color to another. This feature provides colorful charisma to the environment and readily attracts your attention.

  • Sparkling Colors

    The remote control has a separate sparkle button for this feature. This enables the bulbs to blink in a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, white. Colors blink with a noticeable frequency, providing an eye catching display of color sparkling. Sparkling feature literally makes the environment look alive.

  • Scrolling Patterns

    LEDs switch to scrolling color patterns with the aid of third button entitled as Show. This button directs the LEDs to change colors in a directional scrolling pattern. The scrolling patterns are oriented. Vertical scrolling of colors offer an enthusiastic look. This button also gives out the dazzling waves pattern. LEDs perform synchronized color switching to demonstrate diagonally moving colorful waves. The same button offers rotational scrolling patterns of the bulbs.


  1. Multi-color Leds.

    The spherical LED Bulbs are capable of glowing in more than one color. They can glow in with a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, white. This only adds to the glitter that you have been looking for.

  2. Party Light

    This is one of the best features of the Tree Dazzler. It is also accessible by the same third button labelled as Show. With this feature, the bulbs turn into vibrant sparkling colors. Beautiful and glittering lights mesh into each other vibrantly. This provides the best atmosphere for parties.

  3. For More Festivals

    This product is not limited to Christmas trees only. The easy to handle and set up features of this item allows you to use it for amazing decoration on any event.

  4. Lifetime Bulbs

    The Tree Dazzler is a product to last. LED Bulbs that are used in this item are meant to last for the lifetime. Their performance and life will not fade away with passing years, which means you can use it for many years to come.

How It Works

TV Dazzler is controlled with a remote device which is wired to the vertical strand connections of the LEDs. The remote control is programmed to allow you to switch between 10 different light-show options provided by the product. After setting up Tree Dazzler, you just have to switch between different pattern choices and choose your favorite option.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Install.

    Firstly, you need to set up the lights with the help of the central ring. For Christmas trees, you only need to rest the central ring on top of the tree and align the vertical strands to your desire.

  2. Choose Your Favorite

    You are almost done when you have installed the LEDs. All you need to do now is to switch between the color patterns and choose the best appropriate.

  3. Precautions

    Every product has some natural precautionary measures. With the passage of electric current and energy consumption, LED bulbs can heat due to successive glow. Necessary care should be taken while handling them during operation. As such, children should be kept away from the product.

SCAM Claims

  1. User Feedback.

    Tree Dazzler has attained positive response till now. The extent of utility offered by the product is so efficient that it has been loved by the customers.

  2. Usa Today Interview

    The Tree Dazzler was reviewed by USA Today in an interview. This demonstrates the popularity of the device and rules out the possibilities of scam and deception.

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