Thunder Shirt

Thundershirt is an article of clothing that offers gentle pressure toward dogs and cats who suffer from anxiety due to change of lifestyle, loud noises, or other stressful events. It gently squeezes their body when worn and offers them a sense of comfort when they are placed in stressful situations, such as a thunderstorm or taking a bath. Studies show that when Thundershirt was worn, over 80% of dogs showed improvement. No medication or training is required and it is recommended by veterinarians. Although Thundershirt is designed specifically for thunderstorms, as many dogs suffer from anxiety and fear when a thunderstorm occurs, it can help in other anxiety-provoking events as well. 

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With Thundershirt, your dog or cat will gain a sense of comfort from the gentle pressure and no longer freak out when there is a thunderstorm! Also, Thundershirt assists with other stressful events that your pet may not enjoy, such as a trip to the vet, a bath, or a new environment that they are not used to. Thundershirt is easy to put on and has effectively shown improvement in 80% of dogs. Real owners of real pets are absolutely stunned at the results and veterinarians actually recommend using Thundershirt. No medication or training is required, and it is guaranteed to work for your pet! 

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The cost of Thunder Shirt is $39.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Available for cats and dogs
  • Available in sizes XXS to XXL
  • No type of training required to use the Thundershirt
  • Many owners see reductions or complete eliminations of symptoms with the very first use
  • TTouch dog trainers, veterinarians, and autistic people all use pressure to alleviate anxiety and fear
  • Over 80% of dogs and cats show significant improvement in symptoms when using Thundershirt
  • Recommended by thousands of veterinarians and trainers


  1. Relieving anxiety from thunder or other loud noises
  2. Relieving anxiety from other stressful events

How it works

According to experts, the power of pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system and could possibly release a calming hormone such as endorphins.

How to use it

  1. Place Thundershirt on the dog’s back and wrap the Short Flap under the torso
  2. Wrap the Long Flap under the torso and secure with fasteners onto the short flap
  3. Wrap the Top Flap down onto the Long Flap and secure with fasteners
  4. Wrap the Neck Straps around the front of the dog and secure with fasteners 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does Thundershirt cost?

Thundershirt costs just $39.95. That’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of no more anxiety or fear in your pet when a stressful event occurs.

What sizes does Thundershirt come in?

Thundershirt is available in: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Where do I order Thundershirt from?

You can order your very own Thundershirt directly from the official website.

Why should I buy this product?

If you are tired or dealing with your dog or cat suffering from anxiety provoking situations like thunderstorms or trips to the vet, then Thundershirt is the only answer.                                 

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