The Waving Flag

The Waving Flag is a small American flag attached to a black resin pole and base. This flag will sit on virtually any flat surface so you can display it proudly in your home, your office, or anywhere else you choose. It has been designed for indoor use. Once you press the appropriate button, The Waving Flag, which is battery-operated, will begin to move back and forth like a flag blowing in the wind while playing patriotic music.

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You'll be able to honor the USA and show your support for American values such as freedom and justice by showcasing this flag within any room of your home, or virtually any other indoor location. If you display it in an area in which noise is acceptable, you'll even be able to turn on its built-in music feature, which means it'll play two different patriotic songs.

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The cost of The Waving Flag is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $35.85.

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  • Durable And Sturdy

    The strong, two-ply cotton blended fabric and plastin resin used to create this patriotic piece of decor is unlikely to break down quickly, so your flag will likely last you a fairly long time. You'll also find that it has a wide, thick base, so it'll stand up straight without toppling over.

  • Three Sound Options

    When using The Waving Flag, you'll have two volume levels to choose between while playing either of the two built-in songs. You'll also have the option of muting the sound altogether when you desire silence.

  • Large Power Button

    The flag's power button will be difficult to miss, as it's located on the top of each flag's base, across from the bottom of the pole. You'll need to push this button if you want your flag to start moving and / or playing music.

  • Batteries Included

    Three AA batteries, which are needed to keep each flag waving, are included with each flag.


  1. You can use The Waving Flag in your home to display your American values to residents and visitors alike. Perhaps you'd like to use it as a centerpiece for your table, or you may wish to place it next to any US Military memorabilia you have on display.

  2. Workplace

    This flag will make a great addition to almost any workplace, whether it's office-based, warehouse-based, or of another type. It'll show customers, clients, prospective employees or any other visitors what values your business respects and upholds.

Once its batteries have been properly installed, and it's resting on a flat surface, the flag will continually showcase your patriotism, regardless of whether it's turned off or waving and making music. Even when quiet, it'll still act as a great visual tribute to the United States.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Install Batteries

    Make sure that the three AA batteries that accompany each flag have been inserted in the appropriate slots within the base.

  2. Rest On Flat Surface

    After the batteries are in, place your flag on any flat, smooth surface.

  3. Activate Power

    Press the power button and watch the flag begin to wave and play its first patriotic tune. To mute the music, simply flip the switch on the back of the base.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Big Is The Waving Flag?

    The miniature flag measures four and a half by seven inches, and once it's been attached to the flagpole, the entire apparatus is 14 inches tall.

  • What Is It Made Of?

    Each flag has been made from a two-ply cotton blend and each flagpole and base is made of resin plastic.

  • Where Can It Be Used?

    The Waving Flag is ideal for indoor use, and makes an attractive decoration for a table, a desk, a mantel, or any other flat surface that can clearly be seen.

  • What Songs Does It Play?

    This flag plays "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "My Country, 'Tis of Thee".

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