Tac Light

Tac Light is a flashlight with a very strong beam. Its light is a lot brighter compared to regular flashlights. This torch is of very high quality and also pretty durable; it will not break or get damaged easily. It is guaranteed to work for life. The flashlight is so bright and powerful, it is often used by policemen and firemen. As this flashlight is light weight and compact, it can easily be carried everywhere.

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According to the advertisement, Tac light is 22 times brighter than other flashlights. For this reason, even people of the military prefer to use this torch. It can work at all temperatures and under every condition. This flashlight will not be damaged even if frozen or dropped in boiling water.

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  • Strobe Light

    There is a strobe light mode in this flashlight. This means that the light rapidly blinks on and off. Strobe mode can be used to stun intruders or offenders and thus buy you some time to call for help or get away.

  • Sos Mode

    If your car breaks down and you are stranded without help, you can activate the SOS mode. This will flash SOS in Morse code.

  • Water Resistant

    This flashlight is water resistant, so it can even work under water without getting damaged.

  • Low Light Mode

    If the battery is running low, you can switch on the low light mode. This will consume lesser battery and so you can use the torch for a longer time.


  1. Perfect For Self Defense

    Keeping a weapon in the house for self-defense is not safe. Therefore keep this torch with you. You can stun any attacker with the strobe mode and then get help.

  2. For All Occasions

    Tac Light can be used in all situations. It is ideal for emergency situations but also works perfectly for day to day activities like hiking or camping. The bright light means that you can even take this torch with you if you go hunting.

How It Works

Tac Light uses a powerful bulb which can work for several thousand hours. In this way this torch can work for an entire lifetime. The different modes ensure that you can use the torch in all situations.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Switch On

    Turn the flashlight on.

  2. Mode

    Select the mode.

  3. Use

    Use the flashlight as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Long Will It Last?

    Tac Light is guaranteed to work for life. Its bulb can work up to 100,000 hours.

  • Is It Durable?

    This flashlight has been specially designed to withstand trauma. It won’t break even if a car runs over it.

  • How Bright Is The Light?

    The light is bright enough to be seen from up to 2 nautical miles away.

  • What Is It Made Of?

    Its body is made of high-grade aluminium.

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