Supreme Silk Bra

Supreme Silk Bra is a boost undergarment for women. It is a strapless boost bra that not only eradicates physical top undergarment problems, but also enhances their physical appearance. The bra uses no straps or bands unlike ordinary one. What it uses is a gel-stick methodology to adhere to the skin without the necessity of back-flaps. This not only adds to the apparent beauty of women, but also solves their physical issues due to conventional bras.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, this bra has been manufactured to perform multiple tasks. It makes your chest look two sizes bigger. The bra also solves the issue of visible straps which results in embarrassment in public. Moreover, it saves you time while getting yourself ready, unlike ordinary bras that take too much time to get in to the right position.

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The cost of Supreme Silk Bra is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Supreme Silk Bra by paying the extra shipping fee of $9.99 for a total price of $37.97.

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  • Better Physical Appearance

    Supreme Silk Boost Bra is designed to solve conventional female bra problems. One of them is the physical appearance which may be dejected by standards and ordinary bras. The infomercial claims that this bra makes your busts look two times bigger, adding to your apparent beauty.

  • Non Bothering Design

    Women face the problem of physical irritation and sweating due to tight back-flaps and straps of conventional bras. This one-of-a-kind bra eliminates the concept of strap holding of bras with the help of sticking gel technique. Lack of bra straps give women a problem-free day.

  • No Social Embarrassment

    Many women face practically embarrassing and mentally torturing problems due to visible bra straps and flaps. This can bother females a lot and considerably affect their day-to-day performance. It can also result in demolishing confidence and personal morale. The strap free principle of this silk bra enables women to carry out their day’s work without worrying about such issues. This feature comes in a lot handy in official presentations, meetings, interviews and dinners where confidence and temperament are the keys to success.

  • Versatile

    The bra is versatile and matches with all outfits. Multiple color choices make it fit for every type of dressing. This item has been specially designed with two colors to fit with every possible type of dressing. It also can be used for outdoor events such as swimming.

  • Multiple Colors

    The bra comes with two different shades- light and dark. Light shade matches with the skin color, whereas the dark shade is black color in color, complying with evening wear. The variety of colors and physical features of the bra enable it to reconcile with all types of dressings.

  • Invisible

    Since this bra has no flaps or straps for holding it to the body of the wearer, it is invisible. This feature will boost up your confidence and morale since you will no longer have to worry about the visibility of flaps and straps that cost you social embarrassment.

  • Washable

    Supreme Silk Bra is genuinely washable. Washing will not affect the sticking gel of the product that adheres it to your skin firmly. You don’t have to worry about replacing it after a few washing. The gel remains effective and you can keep using the bra over again and again. You can wash it without any worry when you feel the necessity to do so.

  • One Size Fits All

    The physical principles employed in developing this bra have introduced the one size fits all feature. It has been designed to fit everybody, instead of different bras for different sizes and body types. This feature comes handy during the purchase of the bra. You don’t have to worry about spending time and money on non-fit product. Supreme Silk Bra fits everybody.


  1. Saves Your Time.

    Putting your bra in place can cost you a lot time, especially when it is the conventional one. Adjusting the flappy straps to grip firmly and not physically irritate you is very time consuming. The Supreme Silk Boost Bra saves your time. All you have to do is just put the cups together after adhering the gel with you skin.

  2. Comfortable To Wear

    This product has been manufactured with special silk fabric which is comfortable with your skin so that it does not itch or physically irritate you. It is comfortable to wear and makes you feel cozy. The gel holds and grips the bra firmly with your body so that continuous movement of cups does not bother you at all.

  3. No Repeated Adjustment Needed

    The special gel used for adhering the bra firmly to your skin keeps it in the right place all the time. This spares you the trouble of having to repeatedly adjust the bra, which means it saves your time. It comes a lot handy when you are attending official meetings, conferences, presentations, family dinners or any other public function.

  4. Boosts Up Your Confidence

    The necessity to repeatedly adjust your bra can be mentally and physically torturing, and can cost you social embarrassment when you are in public function. Supreme Silk Boost Bra comes in handy in this case. It does not lose its grip. The firm adhesive gel keeps the bra in one place all the time, strongly intact with your skin. This feature boosts up your confidence and morale, so that you can give your maximum output as you carry out your day’s work.

How It Works

The bra cups are layered with washable adhesive gel on the inside. All you need is to just adjust the cups and shut the central clip. The washable gel keeps the bra intact with your body firmly all the time. You don’t need to adjust it repeatedly. Moreover, the bra can be washed as many times as you want- performance of gel remains the same, regardless.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Position The Standalone Cups.

    The Supreme Silk Bra comes with standalone cups layered with firmly adhesive gel. Adjust the cup according to your needs.

  2. Close The Clip

    The two standalone cups are then clipped with each other while they are firmly attached to your skin. Gel maintains the firm grip without the need of repeated adjustment.

  3. Wash When Required

    Supreme Silk Boost Bra is completely washable. The gel layer is not damaged by washing techniques. You can wash it when required.

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