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Straight 2 Sleep is a pillow that mimics a child sleeping in its mothers arms. It has been designed so users can drift off to sleep very quickly. Created by professionals, the pillow could potentially ensure a users sleep well. What’s more is it has been designed to ensure neck pain associated with sleeping in the wrong position is no longer felt. Used every night, Straight 2 Sleep can help to promote a restful night’s sleep.

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It claims to be the solution to uncomfortable pillows and joint pain that could potentially stop users from sleeping properly. It’s also claimed to be designed so that it supports the head so users get that level of support every single night. Straight 2 Sleep also claims that users can sleep better from the first time the pillow is used.

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The cost of Straight 2 Sleep is $29.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $37.98.

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  • The Cradle Core
  • This particular part of the pillow effectively gives the head a cuddle. The pillow can also help users to feel a lot more comfortable too, which means it could be harder for them to stay awake.

  • Extra Support
  • Straight 2 Sleep gives extra support to the shoulders and neck, helping sleepers to feel less strained in the morning. This means they are potentially more likely to wake up feeling a lot more rested than usual.


  1. Any Sized Bed
  2. Around the same size as a regular pillow, this product can be used on double, single and extra large beds.

  3. Take It On Vacation
  4. Straight 2 Sleep can be taken on vacation as it can be packed just like a regular pillow. This gives users the opportunity to benefit from the pillow while they’re on vacation too.

  5. For Those Who Wiggle
  6. Some people wiggle around at night in order to get comfortable. The pillow can potentially benefit those who wiggle as it works to keep the head cradled all night long, so the desired level of comfort is achieved.

How It Works

Straight 2 Sleep works by cradling the head and in effect giving it a cuddle. It supports the head, neck and shoulders so the muscles are not strained, but relaxed instead. The extra comfortable padding means user can potentially relax further. This is how the pillow claims to give users a better nights’ sleep.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Use As A Regular Pillow
  2. Just place it on the bed and use the pillow as normal.

  3. Feel The Difference
  4. Straight 2 Sleep can help users to feel more comfortable supported all night long; compared to the use of other pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Comfortable Is It?
  • This pillow has been designed to give maximum comfort every single night. It also means that there will no longer be the need to repeatedly turn the pillow over to achieve the desired level of comfort.

  • What’s So Special About It?
  • The pillow cradles a users head just like a mother would cradle a child in their arms. This pillow is therefore reported to mimic this natural method of sleeping, so users feel more secure and relaxed at night.

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