Speed Abs

Speed Abs is brought to you by Iron Gym and gives you an abdominal workout like never before. This product is an ab roller that features a wide tread wheel so you can roll out in every direction. It has a power-flex steel resistance core that uses coil technology. The coil technology will challenge your abs as you roll out providing resistance, and helps you roll back in. With comfortable handles, and a knee pad this product pushes your abs to their limits.

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Speed Abs helps you obtain toned and strengthened abs in just minutes every day. It can be used on any type of flooring without slipping. Tone your back, shoulders, and chest using Speed Abs. You can follow the workout dvd, or do your own thing. For even faster results follow the Fast Track Meal Plan.

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The cost of Speed Abs is $29.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $39.9.

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  • Steel Coils
  • The durable steel coils inside of Speed Abs provide added resistance. These coils allow for easy rolling in and out, pushing your abs to their limits.

  • Rubber Handles
  • The handles of Speed Abs feature rubberized pro-grips to reduce slipping. These grips also provide maximum comfort and control, preventing your hands from becoming fatigued.

  • Wide Tread
  • The wheel features wide tread to prevent slipping, you can roll out in any direction with stable and smooth movements.

  • Knee Pad
  • A free knee pad is also provided so your knees can stay comfortable for your entire workout.


  1. Strengthen And Tone
  2. Use speed abs to strengthen and tone every muscle in your abdominal area.

  3. Increase Metabolism
  4. Speed Abs will help increase your metabolism because the more muscle you have the faster your ability to burn calories. This product burns fat, increasing muscle mass, which then increases your metabolism.

  5. Arm Workout
  6. Speed Abs will not only transform your abs, it will also give your arms a full makeover. You will build muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.

How It Works

Speed Abs is the only ab roller that provides resistance as you roll out and it also helps you roll back in. The resistance targets your abs to get optimal results fast and the assistance as you roll back in reduces fatigue and discomfort. Since the handles are rubber they are comfortable to use. This product also keeps your back in a natural position. All of these aspects combined let you work out for longer periods of time, getting faster results.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose A Floor
  2. The first step is to get comfortable on any type of flooring. Make sure you have a lot of space. Place your knees on the knee pads and grab the handles of Speed Abs.

  3. Roll Out
  4. Roll out until your body is fully extended. You can roll in any direction you want.

  5. Roll In
  6. Roll back in to your starting position and repeat the rolling out and in movements for a full workout.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Who Can Use It?
  • Speed Abs can be used by anyone. It does not matter if your exercise experience is novice or advanced because this product works with your body, and as you improve you can push your workouts to the next level.

  • Will It Cause Back Pain?
  • No, Speed Abs will not result in back pain. The slanted rubber handles keeps your hands, shoulders and back all in a natural position. This improves comfort, decreasing fatigue and pain.

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