Soup Express

Soup Express is a 700 Watt soup blender that chops up soup ingredients and heats them to the right temperature. This product enables you to get healthy and infused soups every time, without worrying about unhealthy soup products in your food. It is an alternative to eating soup from the can or visiting expensive restaurants to get delicious soup. Instead, you can whip up a bowl of your favorite soup within minutes with this revolutionary product.

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Soup Express is the solution to all of your soup needs. No more chopping is required when you have this product to make all your soups for you in a convenient and efficient manner. Toss your ingredients into the powerful Soup Express and watch as they quickly become the perfect consistency. No longer worry about needing to wash piles of pots and utensils after making soup – this product has minimal washing requirements for your convenience.

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  • Three Blending Speeds
  • The Soup Express is a versatile piece of machinery that has a total of three speeds. These various settings allow you to choose the perfect consistency for your soup. This way, you can use more delicate settings for softer soup ingredients, while cranking up the speed for harder vegetables.

  • Bpa Free Pitcher
  • The glass pitcher that comes with the Soup Express is BPA free, which means you can make food in it safely without worrying about harmful chemicals in your food. This makes cooking much safer and more healthy for you or your family.


  1. Make Soups
  2. You can use the Soup Express to make organic, mouthwatering soups that are both good for you and easier on the wallet when made at home with this product. Thus, you are able to make almost any kind of vegetable soup you can imagine with this blender. Just pop the ingredients in, blend or saute and cook your soup until it is finished.

  3. Make Smoothies
  4. Soup is not the only thing this blender can make. You can also create smoothies with this high powered blender. Frozen beverages are easy to make with this product, as it crushes ice and other hard to blend ingredients with ease.

How It Works

Place you ingredients in the Soup Express and turn it on to the desired setting. This 700 Watt blender can sauté, blend, simmer and heat your soup according to your preferences – all within just a few minutes.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Ingredients In Blender
  2. Place your ingredients into the blender.

  3. Select Your Settings
  4. Depending on how you want your soup or beverage prepared, select your settings accordingly. Within minutes, your soup or smoothie will be ready for consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Can It Saute?
  • Yes, the Soup Express can sauté food right in the blender. There is no need to remove your chopped vegetables and place them onto a skillet. The Soup Express can be heated up to sauté your soup instantly.

  • Can It Heat Up The Soup?
  • Yes, this is what makes the Soup Express so different from other blenders. Aside from its powerful wattage, it also has the capability to cook your soup straight from the blender. This means you will have less pots and pans to clean after the cooking process is complete.

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