Size Glider

Size Glider is an easily adjustable high quality leather belt. The custom adjustable feature makes this belt fit for every waist size. It's a free size belt, enabling the user to adjust it perfectly according to his / her need. The easy adjust Rachet System belt allows you to slide the belt to your required size even while sitting. It matches perfectly with your waist, unlike ordinary belts which contain a gap of 1 inch between specified measurements.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, this stylish and elegant belt is for every gender. It matches with almost every type of pant. The material used in developing this product is high quality leather so it won’t be deformed or worn out with passing time. Adjustable Rachet System provides much more precise placement of the buckle, in millimetres, rather than the inch based mobility provided by ordinary belts.

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The cost of Size Glider is $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Size Glider by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $26.97.

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  • Quality Leather

    This belt is developed from high quality leather to ensure material strength and re-usability. It can be used daily for years, and the belt will not lose its strength, color or look. The belt is best for regular use. You can wear it to your office daily without worrying about its appearance, shade or polish. This belt is always good to go with you wherever you are headed.

  • Suitable For Everyone

    Due to the glider mobility precision, this belt can be adjusted into any size, from small to extra-large. This enables you to use the belt independent of your age or waist or body mass. Ordinary belts, due to their limited and inefficient buckle mobility, are categorized for every age group and body type. This product eradicates this problem completely, making you worry-free from the issue.

  • Color Decency

    Size Glider belt comes in a decent and elegant black color with silver buckle. Wearing this belt adds beauty to your appearance. Simple yet sophisticated appearance makes the belt fit with a variety of dresses and is best for official and formal use. Belts play a significant role in your appearance. When it comes to this belt, you can wear it for every official occasion including presentations, meetings, trips and dinners etc.

  • Thin Size

    Size Glider Belt is ascetically thin which enables it to easily pass through loops very easily. Thick belts can be stuck in loops due to increased friction, but this belt solves this problem efficiently. Thin size enables it to slide easily along with rough clothing such as jeans, making it very user friendly. You can easily put this belt on, and more easily adjust it according to full precision of your need.

  • Millimeter Precision

    The Rachet based buckle system is composed of metal teeth that are just millimeters apart. This enables you to adjust the buckle around your belt to fit you best making the dressing easy and efficient.

  • Easy To Shop

    This is a one-for-all belt, fit for everyone regardless of the physique, age and gender. You don’t have to go looking for the specified piece for you, rather it is just one belt that synchronizes with everyone's requirements.


  1. Best For Long Journeys.

    Long journeys can be very arduous. You will definitely feel the urge to loosen and adjust your belt while travelling to afar destinations. This would generally demand you getting out of the vehicle and repeatedly adjusting your belt, and that too in the figures of inch. The Size Glider Belt allows you to easily adjust your buckle even while driving, thus adding ease to your journeys.

  2. Helps You While You Eat

    One definitely feels the need to loosen the belt while have a proper meal. The needle based belt buckles would deprive you from doing that, but the Size Glider Belt just requires a touch to be adjusted. All you have to do is to glide the buckle, precisely to your need. Thus, it helps a lot in dinners and buffets.

  3. For All Occasions

    This belt can be worn at all occasions, from family to official, casual to formal. The belt is decently beautiful and adds color to every dressing style. You can wear it in office, social gatherings, parks or even while traveling.

  4. For Every Gender

    This belt is meant for use by every gender. The standard appearance allows you to wear it independent of your gender without any hesitation, adding comfort to your day.

  5. Saves Time

    The easy adjustability feature of the belt saves you a lot of time when you dress up and prepare yourself for any event. You can easily wrap it around your waist, and adjust it while it fits best to your requirement.

How It Works

The buckle is based on Rachet System technology. It is movable with the help of a push button, throughout metallic teeth that are separated by gaps measured in millimeters. You can glide / slide the buckle until it fits comfortably with your waist. One doesn’t need to worry about having a low size waist. The buckle can be adjusted until it perfectly fits with the waist. This belt saves you the time and effort that is otherwise needed for laboriously adjusting it or modifying it to your physical needs. All you have to is put it on.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put It On Easily.

    The thin size belt easily passes through the loops, and wraps perfectly around your body.

  2. Glide Buckle To Fit Perfectly

    After putting it on, you need to press the buckle button to glide the buckle until it fits you. It is loosened or tightened with the same easy gliding action.

  3. Glide To Remove

    Removing the belt is as easy as putting it on. Once you are done, you can easily glide the buckle until the belt runs out.

SCAM Claims

  1. User Feedback.

    The product is up on numerous marketing sites. It has a 4 out 5 star response. User feedback has been positive regarding the rachet technology used in such gliding belts. The belt has achieved a yes from the market as of now.


  • Clickcomfort And Easybelt

    There are alternate belts available in the market based upon the same Rachet Technology. ClickComfort and EasyBelt 2.0 are the highlighted alternate products available. Both are based on mobile buckles and easy-fit belts.

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