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Selfie Mic is a toy that promises to make your child a karaoke star by allowing them to record themselves as they sing to their favorite songs. The mic comes with an adjustable karaoke microphone attached to a selfie stick, an earpiece, and the StarMaker app for recording. It amplifies the fun of the selfie stick by combing it with a karaoke sing along feature for hours of fun. When your child is done making master pieces, they can enhance the video with cool sounds and effects then share it with everyone.

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The company claims that the selfie stick is not only a fun toy, but it will also make your child feel like a pop star when they create music videos. It also claims that the StarMaker app features a catalog of up to 3 million fully licensed songs. That way, they can sing songs made famous by Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Drake, Tylor Swift and many more hit makers.

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  • Easy To Use

    In just a few easy steps, your child will be creating professional looking music videos that will wow people when they share the video online using the intuitive music app that comes with it. The selfie stick is also compatible with other karaoke apps on the market so that you can choose which ever one is user friendly enough for your kiddies to have fun with.

  • Starmaker

    The StarMaker music app is a free app that allows you to lip sync, sing along, and perform to your favorite songs by famous artist, like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. New songs are added to it on a daily basis, and you can unlock them; the more you sing, the more songs you unlock to keep on having fun endlessly.

  • Sing, Record And Share

    The selfie stick makes your child a star by allowing you to sing to your favorite songs while you record them, and share them with family and friends, on social media, after you are done. Once videos are shared, you can instantly gain fans and take a step closer to becoming a pop star.

  • Enhance Video

    Add effects and filters to the videos, like auto-tune, studio effects including various backgrounds that will make you look and sound great by giving you a robot voice, or a rocking stage.

  • 1000 Free Tokens

    These tokens come with your purchase of the selfie stick and can be used to purchase additional songs in the app so that your child can keep singing to top hits a little longer. You can select from 1000s of hit songs from various artists, and purchase more tokens though in-app purchases, if you happen to run out and want to unlock more songs instantly.


  1. Karaoke.

    The Selfie Mic lets your child lip sync to your favorite songs in karaoke style, or sing their very own rendition in a fun way as solo pop artist. They can even bring it out at parties, BBQs, or sleepovers, and have their friends join in on the fun to liven up the occasion with a group performance on the spot.

How It Works

The Star Maker Music app works by downloading the app and registering for free. After this is done, you visit / redeem using your phone’s browser, and then enter the token code that comes with the purchase to redeem your tokens. You can then select from the 1000s of tracks, sing and record the music video. After this is done, you add effects and filters, save and share the video online.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach Phone.

    Attach any android phone or iPhone to the selfie stick, and plug in the ear piece to the phone and microphone. Make sure the phone is secured to it so that it does not fall off and damage the phone.

  2. Record

    Use the music app to select your favorite track from your list and record your music video. Make sure the volume on the ear piece is turned down, and that the selfie stick has been fully extended to avoid getting feedback into the microphone.

  3. Add Effects

    After the video has been recorded, add some nice effects and filters to make it more exciting and lively.

  4. Share

    Save the video and instantly share with your family and friends. All videos will be automatically saved as private, but this can be changed with a simple flip of the switch on the music app to make them public and available to everyone.


According the user reviews and opinions of the product found online, both the selfie stick and app have glowing reviews, enough to dispel any scam claims with confidence, meaning one should not hesitate to try. It currently has 3 reviews on amazon, all of them being 5 out 5 stars, from verified purchases of the product who recommend it. One user who bought the selfie stick for their niece reported that she loved it and had great fun, while the other reviews called it "Great fun” and "World class. " The Star Maker app has an average of 3.9 out 5 stars on Google Play, with users only finding minor bugs here and there, like not being able to view their recordings, and occasional crashes.


  • Kidi Super Star

    This is a microphone that lets your kids add audio recordings by simply jacking in an MP3 player or USB flash disk into the microphone, while they sing along to different songs. It also features many sound effects and filters, and it has a nice little feature where you can remove the vocals from the tracks so that you can record over their beat.

  • Kidizoom

    This is another selfie stick that the kids can use to record themselves using the built-in camera that has a 180 degree rotating lens as they sing along to their favorite songs. It has a feature that allows them to add various cool features to their videos and pictures like a makeup studio, fantasy effects, sound filters and many more.

  • Solocam

    While not as user friendly for children as the Selfie Mic, this is a selfie stick that has an adjustable Bluetooth microphone attached to it. Although it was made with journalists in mind, your child can still record and share high quality videos of them singing using the app that comes with your purchase of the selfie stick.

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