Scratch-dini is a carbopol formula that buffs away the scratches on vehicles. The powerful texture of the product removes scratches in a short period of time and additionally works to protect the vehicle. It can be applied directly to the scratch and then buffed away with a towel in only seconds. Scratch-dini is an ideal alternative to paying for detailer work to buff out scratches. Only a small amount is needed to get the job done and it works on most high quality finish. The formula is maximum strength BFGoodrich that consists of millions of micro-particles to remove scratches.

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Scratch-dini applies and removes scratches in just seconds. It can remove expensive scratches and eliminates the need to get work done at a repair shop like sanding and painting. It can restore anything with a high quality finish and work on numerous vehicles such as boats, RV’s, trailers, and more. It protects the paint job as well as removes the scratch and does so with a small amount of the formula. Scratch-dini only requires the user to lightly apply the formula to either the scratch or a towel and gently wipe it off. It is professional strength and buffs out scratches quickly.

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The cost of Scratch-dini is $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Scratch-dini by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $25.9.

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  • Helps to protect the paint job while removing the scratch at hand 
  • Small amount of the Scratch-dini formula is enough for the job
  • Works with any color vehicle
  • Works on other vehicles besides cars as well
  • Professional-strength formula
  • Scratches are removed in seconds
  • Uses a BFGoodrich formula to buff away scratches


Can be used to remove scratches on the following vehicles

  1. ATV’s
  2. Trailers
  3. Jet skis
  4. Snowmobiles
  5. Motorcycles
  6. Boats
  7. RV’s

How it Works

Scratch-dini consists of BFGoodrich carbopol that protects the paint of the vehicle while it works on removing the scratch. It is a professional-strength formula that requires only a small amount to remove scratches. 

How to Use It

  1. Place a small amount of Scratch-dini on the scratch
  2. Using a dry towel, wipe in a circular motion at the problem area until the scratch disappears
  3. Use on any vehicle with a high quality finish
  4. Can be applied directly to the scratch

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Scratch-dini?

Scratch-dini is an innovative formula that buffs away expensive scratches and protects the paint of vehicles with a high quality finish. It takes just seconds to apply as well as remove the scratch.

How does Scratch-dini work?

Scratch-dini consists of BFGoodrich carbopol and millions of micro particles that remove the scratch while protecting the vehicle’s paint.

Can I use Scratch-dini on my other vehicles?

Yes, Scratch-dini is engineered to buff away scratches on high quality finish which includes several other vehicles besides just cars.

How do I use the formula?

To use Scratch-dini, simply apply a small amount of it and begin wiping in a circular motion.

Customer Service Contact Information

Scratch-dini™ is committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us via the information provided below.
Customer Service:
Phone: 1-866-684-5574


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Ben | Dixon, CA | 05 Jun 2016

This sucks I tried on two scratches and it does not work its a scam.

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