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ReduShaper is a body shaper that is made from neoprene. Which helps you to burn fat. It also shape your abs and waist by making you sweat to lose body weight. The shaper even compresses your waist to give you an hourglass shape. When you put it on, it uses the thermal energy of your body to make you sweat on your midsection and burn fat without staining your clothes. All you need to do is go about your day running errands, cooking, cleaning or even exercising and it will sweat away the weight.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

The company claims that the belt will help you lose weight simply by making your sweat it all away while doing your daily activities. It would good to bear in mind that sweating alone does not mean that you are burning fat and losing weight, but rather it is sign that your body is just regulating temperature. .

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  • Improves Posture

    Bad posture can have negative physical and emotional effects, but can be used for to a number of causes like hunching your back ( from texting ), standing on one leg, rounded shoulders etc. This body shaper helps you fix your physical attributes without having to go through tough posture correction exercises by tightening your midsection to strengthen your core muscles for a better posture.

  • Back Support

    When lifting heavy weights, especially overhead, your back may become strained due to all the extra load, and may cause problems in the long run if your form is not perfect. With this body shaper, your back will be completely supported so that it is less strained from the exercise, and straightened so that you don’t end up hurting yourself in the process.

  • Unisex

    The body shaper can be worn by both men and women, almost anywhere so that they are constantly shaping their waists or toning their abs without looking ridiculous. There are sizes available for with men with waist sizes 28 - 48 inches and women with dress sizes 0 - 20 plus. .

  • Discrete

    The ReduShaper hides nicely beneath your clothes and doesn’t poke out while giving you a nice hourglass figure so you can wear it on any occasion and it will be completely discrete. You can wear it with your favourite dress, tank top or shirt and be assured that you don’t have to be self-conscious about it because no one will be able to see it.


  1. Weight Loss.

    In order to burn fat, many people go running or start lifting weights and spends weeks doing these extraneous exercises to just barely start seeing results they can be happy with. This body shaper will burn fat when you put it on and go about your day as normal with no need for running or going to gym and to spend a lot of money.

  2. Waist Compression

    The body shaper will compress your abs to give you that attractive hourglass figure while also helping you tone them so that you look good while doing it and feel confident. This is better than wearing a mere compression belt that shapes your waist but does nothing in the way of making it permanent so that you don’t have rely on them all the time.

  3. Exercise

    Use the body shaper when you are exercising to take full advantage of it to sweat away the weight. This is because when exercise, you produce more heat and sweat more; which means the more fat you will be burning and the more weight you will be losing.

How It Works

The ReduShaper uses Neo Power to help by forming a compact and insulated inside that generates heat from the thermal energy of your body and traps it there. It is the same material that absorbs the sweat to the outer layer of the material without showing any sign of sweating; meaning your clothes remain stain free in the process. While all these happens, the heat remains trapped in the inner layer, making you sweat profusely.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Strap It On.

    All you have to do to start using this body shaper is slipping into it. Make sure you get the right size for yourself or it won't be very comfortable, and may not do its job.

  2. Let It Work

    After you put it on properly, go about your day like you normally would and the ReduShaper will do the work. It is advised use it while exercising so that you make the most of it and speed up the process of burning fat.


These body shapers have a notorious reputation online for not working, and when we research the product on Amazon. We were only able to find five user reviews, and only four of them were actually verified purchases. Overall, it averaged a 2.4 out 5 stars, and this would normally mean that not many people liked it. That said, the reviews the people left weren’t all that useful. Two of the customers with verified purchases gave it a four-star and five-star rating, respectively; only said “I like help me a lot” and “I loved. ” The problem is that these reviews are very vague and we don’t know what the customers used it for – the bad English didn’t help either. Speaking of more vague reviews, the two negative reviews from verified purchases gave it a one-star and two-star rating, respectively, and one said “dislike” while the other just said “just didn’t care much for it”.


  • Other Body Shapers

    There are many body shapers on the market today that specifically target your abdomen and waist that a quick search on Amazon will yield many promising results like the Hot Belt. This also promises to gives you good waist compressing while helping your lose weight around the abdomen and waist by making you sweat.

  • Work Out

    There are so many exercises that one can do if they want to reduce their waist size, tone their abs and lose weight without using the ReduShaper. One can simply start lifting weights to get their heart rate pumping and burn fat, perform pull-ups to tone the abs, or do some stretches to shape the waistline while simultaneously watching their diet. This is a great way to lose weight and the most natural one too.

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