Red Copper Pan

Red Copper Pan is a specially designed piece of cookware. It is made from ceramic and copper. These materials provide a number of benefits to the user, like strength, even heat distribution and resistance to scratches. The pan can stand up to extreme amounts of heat and is therefore useful in a number of cooking areas where normal steel would not last. This item comes with a number of ordering options including extra coatings, bonus pans and even a copper bladed knife.

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The makers of this product state that this pan will be useful in a multitude of cooking situations while resisting damage and providing an evenly heated surface. They back up these claims by offering a guaranteed replacement for any potentially defective units. It is also stated that even the stickiest foods will not stick to its ceramic and copper surface.

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The cost of Red Copper Pan is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.

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  • Dishwasher Safe

    Even with a specially composed surface material, it is completely safe to include the Red Copper pan in a normal dishwasher load.

  • Lightweight

    One of the less obvious benefits of this pan is that it has a very low weight. It is easy to handle but remains durable to force and heat despite the lack of heaviness.

  • Nonstick

    Those who use this pan will not need to add oils or other greasing agents in order to prevent food from becoming fused to the surface. Its specialized material design produces a surface that refuses to bond to the food inside.


  1. As A Frying Pan

    This product can fry foods just as the traditional pans that share its design ( but likely in an improved way since it is made of special materials ).

  2. As A Handled Oven Pan

    Unlike regular steel frying pans, the Red Copper pan can be heated up to 500 degrees without risking damage to the cookware or destroying the food within with contaminants. Never touch a hot handle with a bare hand, use a heat resistant glove or cloth.

How It Works

The Red Copper pan can achieve the results that are advertised because of the ingredients used in its construction. Ceramic is infused with copper to offer a surface that is nonstick, withstands high temperatures and evenly cooks food across its entire surface area.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place On Burner

    Put the pan onto an appropriate burner element or similar heat source.

  2. Cook

    With the heat set as desired place food in the pan as required by the specific recipe in use.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Is It Safe?

    The Red Copper pan is made from non-toxic, low-taint materials that will not affect the food being cooked. It should of course be noted that any hot pan can be dangerous and should be treated with care.

  • Does It Come In Other Sizes?

    Yes, a twelve inch version of the Red Copper pan is also available. However, the larger version can only be obtained through a special offer that must be selected when checking out.

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