Power 90

Power 90 is a revolutionary new exercise program created by Tony Horton. This exciting new program contains comprehensive workout sessions that includes stages for different routines from beginner to advanced levels. The training technique that this program focuses on is called Sectional Progression, where each routine targets a certain muscle group, effectively burning and toning every section of your body. This unique program consists of different types of exercise routines to get the best results, including pilates, kickboxing, among others. All exercises can be modified until you’re ready to perform them with absolute precision. This program comes with a 90-day guarantee, if you’re not completely satisfied.

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Tony Horton’s Power 90 uses a training technique called Sectional Progression, a revolutionary new technique that exercises each muscle group, strengthening and toning them, allowing for overall core strength. The set includes dvds that cover all fitness levels in stages and are used as guides you to a fitter, stronger and giving you an overall lean body. Sculpt Circuit 1-2 are designed for beginners to gain strength; Sweat Cardio 1-2 includes additional moves that are inspired by Pilates and Kickboxing; Sculpt Circuit 1-2 is a more challenging sculpt circuit than the beginner version; Sweat Cardio 1-2 increases in intensity and therefore burns fat faster; and Ab Ripper shares two major routines guaranteed to get a flatter, sexier tummy. Lose up to 92lbs of fat and trim 10 inches off your waistline!

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The cost of Power 90 is $59.85 plus $12.95 shipping for a total price of $72.8.

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Warranty / Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Six cardio and body sculpting dvds
  • Program guide
  • 90-day calendar
  • Transformation tracker
  • Free online access and support
  • Additional Far Burning Express workout
  • Meal plans
  • 6-day fat burning express plan
  • Success measurement


  1. Lose weight
  2. Burn fat
  3. Gain muscles
  4. Tone muscles and body

How it Works

Power 90 is Tony Horton’s weight loss program that is both easy and effective. The program incorporates Tony’s Sectional Progression, a training technique that targets a specific muscle group in each routine to burn fat and tone your body quickly and efficiently -- in just 30 minutes. Tony’s program includes six cardio and toning workouts divided into five stages: Sculpt Circuit, Sweat Cardio, Sculpt Circuit, Sweat Cardio and Ab Ripper. Each of the workout sections are concentrated to work each of your muscles groups.

How to Use it

  1. Look through the program guide that is included
  2. Start working out
  3. Regularly measure your success with the tape measure and calendar
  4. Continue to the more advanced circuits
  5. Incorporate the meal plan (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the workout schedule for Power 90?

With Power 90, you will work out 6 days per week. The 7th day is a rest day.

What makes Power 90 unique?

Power 90 contains easy-to-follow and highly effective workout routines and requires very little equipment, so it’s a great way to get started on the road to fitness. It starts out less strenuously than "extreme" fitness programs such as P90X, making it the perfect workout for people who are in average shape but want to transform their bodies as quickly as possible.

Why is Power 90 so effective?

In Tony Horton’s exclusive Sectional Progression training technique, each movement targets a specific zone for maximum fat burning and toning results in as little as 30 minutes a day. You start with easy cardio and strength moves to burn fat and tone muscle, then move on to more intense sculpting and accelerated calorie blasting. Using thePower Sculpting Band, Tony safely builds your strength and stamina over the 90 days so you’re ready to take on the increasingly challenging workouts. 

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