Porchbrella is a weave screen designed to cover your vicinity under a patio umbrella. The transparent umbrella can slide over any size patio, and will prevent the bugs and outdoor adversities from approaching you. It has been designed to meet all your outdoor needs. You can pass through it easily just like passing through a curtain. The umbrella snap- shuts with the help of magnets right after someone passes through. This feature comes in handy especially when you are outdoor with kids.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, the Porchbrella totally prevents the bugs from irritating you and your family. As such, they can’t contaminate your food either. This product also nearly stops rain from reaching you. So, whenever you are planning to dine outdoors, Porchbrella is an effective partner. In a nutshell, it comes very handy in places with pests and bugs.

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The cost of Porchbrella is $39.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $47.98.

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  • See Through

    The dark grey mesh used for developing this umbrella is a transparent one. You can use Porchbrella to sit in the porch of your house and enjoy the weather without having to worry about flies and other insects. Along with bugs, the mesh covering also resists dirt from entering the vicinity. So, you can enjoy versatile weather in your garden without worry with the help of this product.

  • 9 Feet Diameter

    This product has been designed to be large enough to fit any patio umbrella. That said, this feature doesn’t affect the performance on small patio umbrellas. The umbrella has been technically designed to be customizable in terms of size.

  • Easy Fall-in And Fall-out

    The curtain type doors open and close replicating the petals of a flower. You can easily pass through them without worrying about impact. The openings are properly shut to avoid pets and bugs, until you want to pass through. Smart closing system ensures that the openings are immediately shut once you’ve pass through.

  • Magnetized Shut

    The open and close feature of the mesh doors are governed by 18 magnets. These magnets attract them with a force that is easily penetrable for humans but impossible for pests and flies. You can easily walk through the magnetized mesh openings. Once you have walked through, the magnets aid to immediately shut the openings. This feature minimizes the chances of flies getting in under the patio umbrella. People and food inside the mesh are efficiently protected.

  • Custom Fit

    The umbrella is customizable when it comes to size. Same mesh fits all umbrellas up-to 9 feet in diameter. This feature comes in handy when you are on long tours. You can use the same mesh over different places, adding comfort to your journeys.

  • Adjustable Cinch

    This umbrella comes with an adjustable cinch. The customizable feature originates because of this central adjustable cinch. With the help of this, you can loosen or tighten the mesh spread up-to your desire.

  • Portable

    It is easy to handle and care besides being mobile and portable. You can carry it with you around to places. Especially when you are going to trips, you can carry it with you in your backpack easily.

  • Best For Kids

    Magnetized shut feature of the mesh helps a lot when kids are around. Kids have the intrinsic habit of running around especially in family meet ups. Porchbrella solves this problem. The magnetized openings of the mesh will immediately tend to shut when the kids run through, preventing bugs and pests to enter. .

  • Magic Mesh

    Magic Mesh comes along with this umbrella as a bonus. The Magic Mesh is a single sheet to protect door and window openings from bugs and flies. It also uses the magnetization principle so that the strands of meshes immediately shut back once someone has passed through.

  • Great For Camping

    All the great features of this item make it one of the best partners for you when you are going to camp in rough places. Protective mesh will protect your and your food while you are away on camping. Protection of food is very necessary in far-away trips. This protective covering ensures the same.

How It Works

Porchbrella comes with an adjustable cinch. All you need to do is to put it over your patio umbrella, adjust it your required size and enjoy. The protected mesh covering completely prevents the bugs, flies and pets from trespassing the cover. Mesh is see through and walkthrough. You can use it near sceneries and enjoy your meal without getting disturbed by flies. The walkthrough feature is magnetized. As soon as you pass, the 18 magnet system attracts the vertical strands immediately back to their place.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put It Over Patio Umbrella.

    Just slide and drape it over your umbrella with the strands vertically hanging downwards.

  2. Adjust To Your Requirement

    The mesh is custom fit. Loosen or tighten up-to your requirement.

SCAM Claims

  1. Positive.

    The efficient protection for both food and people has added to the comfort of people. Especially, when dining outdoors, this Porchbrella comes in handy. The transparent covering keeps the persons inside in touch with environment.

  2. Negative

    The mesh covering is soft and can be pierced by pets and sharp objects. Moreover, the item requires a patio umbrella to be installed on and cannot be regarded as a standalone product. This dependency forces the user to carry patio umbrella along for the use of this product.


  1. Saves Money.

    It is very often at dinners that you have given up food because of bug contamination. Nor would you be able to have it later because of the same reason. However, with the protective mesh covering of this umbrella, you can be sure that your left-overs are totally bug free. You can enjoy the left-overs later on.

  2. Protects Food

    The mesh not only protects you and your family but your food too. You can keep you food inside the cover and go anywhere easily without worrying. This feature helps you when you have to go and listen to a phone call all of a sudden. You don’t have to worry about your food getting spoiled or contaminated by the bugs and flies. Just pass through the mesh openings, and the magnetized protection will protect your food.


The Porchbrella has received both kinds of responses from user. Hence it cannot be determined if this product is a scam or a genuine one.

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