Poppit offers your child a new and fun way of making creative arts and crafts projects using a special kind of clay. With it, they are given an opportunity for unlimited imagination. The clay can easily be shaped and molded into anything the child can think of. To ease the process of creating, it comes with different special molds that will have kids creating mini puppies, bags, lions, shopkins and many more, in no time all. After the child is done creating, they can decorate and display their creations so they can be enjoyed for forever.

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The company claims that Poppit offers a better way for your child to discover new, fun and imaginative ways to play with clay that the normal way does not. All the child has to do is push the clay in the mold, pop it out of the mold, and decorate it.

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  • Molds And Clay

    The entire set comes with 7 mold for cupcakes and the same number of molds for puppies. It also comes with 5 different colored clay with the following colors: pink, light pink, purple, black and white that can be used with the molds to create vivid designs.

  • Ease Of Use

    The presence of mold and popper makes Poppit not only fun, but also easy to use so your child does't have to waste time trying to shape and mold the clay for the perfect shapes. This saves the child a massive amount of time while ensuring that they do not get frustrated easily but let their imagination take flight in fun ways like never before.

  • Soft

    The clay is soft and can easily be mixed with other clay to create interesting and vivid designs effortlessly. This also makes it a breeze to fit into the popper with minimal effort on their part.

  • Air Dries

    The clay air dries quickly, making the creation last a long time so it can be played with again and again or even be displayed so that family and friends can also enjoy them. Just remember to store the clay that is not being used in the included plastic container so that it doesn’t dry out while being played with it.

  • Accessories

    It comes with 12 deco pieces that can be used to enhance the creations and make them more beautiful. The child can add eyes to the puppies, icing and decor to the cupcakes, or mini flowers to the handbags.


  1. Arts And Crafts.

    With Poppit, your child can create craft projects for the school and home with ease, like mini cupcakes, dogs, lions, ice creams cones and many more.

  2. Mini Worlds

    Your child can even use it to create their own mini worlds that they can expand and decorate to their heart’s desire. They can easily create fashion accessories for their dolls, like hand bags, or create an entire bakery that they can display or play with.

How It Works

When the clay is pushed into the mold, it will conform to the shape of the mold and give it its shape. The child when pushes on it, it creates air that pushes the clay and pops it out of the mold while maintaining its shape.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Mold.

    Start by taking the soft piece of clay, then push it into the mold. Make sure you make it is as flat as possible to get it all in there, and use included the knife to remove any excess clay to get the perfect shape according to your mold.

  2. Pop

    Once the clay is placed into the mold properly, squeeze the bulb of the Poppit in order to pump air that will pop the clay out of the mold. If the clay does not pop out immediately, keep squeezing until it does.

  3. Decorate

    When the clay is out, grab any of the 12 decor pieces and decorate the clay like regular clay or dough.


Based on user reviews and opinions that we found online, Poppit does not appear to be a scam. One user on YouTube, with the handle ellieV Toys, demonstrated how to use it to make shopkins of all shapes and sizes. Overall, it looked like she found it to be an easy process when she placed the clay into the mold, then popped them out with ease and even decorated with no hassles. Another YouTube user named 10darkmonket, who is a child, gave it a 7 out 10 for fun. H then deducted 3 points because the popper didn’t make a loud enough sound when the clay popped out. On the negative side of things, one user called Michaela, said the product didn’t not work as advertised, because she found the mold did not the shape clay perfectly. She had to use her hands to perfect the mold which only made the creation more squished and out of shape, leaving her and her kids frustrated.


  • Play-doh

    Play-Doh has been the most popular “modeling compound” for children since 1959, and over the years, the company has come up with a long range of starter packs that let the kids imaginations flourish. Even adults have been known to use it in their own arts and crafts projects, but they complained about the mess it leaves that makes it hard to clean.

  • Playfoam

    This is another clay that gives your little preschoolers endless creativity while leaving no mess to deal with as compared to Play-Doh. The secret is in its non-stick formula that easily comes off of anything, plus the fact that it does not air dry, while allowing kids to easily squish it back down and recreate designs.

  • Moon Dough

    This modelling dough also comes with its own molds that will have your children creating their own movie theaters, pizza shops, ice cream shops, and many more in no time at all. It is also very soft and never air dries so that it can easily be remolded into different creations over and over again while being less messy.

  • Stockmar’s Modelling Bees Wax

    These are wax sheets that easily soften while being played with, due to the heat from your child’s hands. It has is not messy, has a lovely scent, and is perfect for creating mini sculptures again and again.

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