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Paint Zoom is a professional-based power sprayer that is intended to cut down on time and hassle as well as save money from painting the traditional way, with a paint brush or a paint roller. Paint Zoom uses the same methods that car manufacturers and other professionals use to paint. It can be used to paint, varnish, and stain on a wide array surfaces and objects. Paint Zoom is equipped with a container and a suction tube, and also a three-way head that can spray in three different directions: horizontally, vertically, or directly. Paint Zoom uses 50% less paint and can finish the job with one coat. 

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With Paint Zoom, you can paint, varnish, and stain just like a pro! Professionals use a power sprayer for a variety of objects and surfaces, and now that same technology is available to you. Paint Zoom allows you to effectively finish any surface in minutes rather than hours. Forget those drippy and messy paint brushes and paint rollers. Paint Zoom is neat, lightweight, and portable. It uses a quick and easy one-touch operation and one pass provides even coverage. Paint Zoom even features a dual-action three-way head so that you can paint vertically, horizontally, or directly. You can paint, stain, or varnish almost anything! 

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The cost of Paint Zoom is $99.99 plus $19.95 shipping, for a total price of $119.94.

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1-Year Replacement Warranty


  • Power sprayer that paints using the same method that professionals use to paint
  • Equipped with a three-way head to paint vertically, horizontally, or directly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Uses 50% less paint than traditional painting
  • Can work with latex or oil-based paints
  • Efficient enough to complete the painting job with one coat
  • Provides even coverage
  • Powered by an industrial strength 650 watt motor
  • Paints, stains, and varnishes


  1. Painting, staining, varnishing
  2. Indoor and outdoor walls
  3. Vehicles
  4. Crown molding
  5. Furniture
  6. Gutters
  7. Doors
  8. Shutters
  9. Fences
  10. Decks
  11. Stucco
  12. Brick
  13. Concrete
  14. Paneling

How it works

Paint Zoom is equipped with a power sprayer to paint various surfaces and objects, which is the same method that car manufacturers and other professionals use. Paint Zoom has a three-way head system that allows the user to paint in three different directions: horizontally, vertically, and directly. This allows the user to get on flat surfaces as well as tight spots and corners.

How to use it

  1. Fill the container
  2. Angle the suction tube
  3. Paint

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does Paint Zoom cost?

Paint Zoom costs just three easy payments of $33.33 plus $19.95 shipping and handling. Because it uses 50% less paint, Paint Zoom will practically pay for itself.

How do I use Paint Zoom?

To use Paint Zoom, simply fill the container, angle the suction tube, and begin painting! It’s that easy!

How does Paint Zoom operate?

Paint Zoom is powered by an industrial strength 650 watt motor.

Is there a warranty on Paint Zoom?

Yes, Paint Zoom comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

Can Paint Zoom work with any paint?

Paint Zoom is incredibly versatile and can work with latex or oil-based paints. 

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Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. PST
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-793-2303
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