Obsidian is a unique fitness slide board that integrates back-and-forth movements into several different exercise routines. It is constructed of a durable and long-lasting material called HDP, which is the same material that makes up the Olympic long jump venue in Park City, Utah. Obsidian allows the user to essentially slide their way into an efficient workout that addresses every muscle group in their body. It will adjust to any floor surface, whether it's hardwood or soft carpet. Obsidian is also composed of heavy duty hardware that ensures it will remain durable and of high-quality. The end stops are composed of lexan material. 

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With Obsidian, you can slide your way into a great workout that focuses on every muscle group in your body! Obsidian is composed of the virtually indestructible material HDP and addresses your butt, abs, legs, inner thighs, shoulders, hips, and arms. Now you can tone up those abs, burn off fat, and shave inches off your waistline. Obsidian even adapts to any floor surface for your convenience. You can literally slide your way to a more toned and chiseled body! The Obsidian board ensures low impact workouts with high-end results. With over 100 workouts to choose from, your Obsidian will get you the dream body you’ve always wanted. 

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The cost of Obsidian is $14.99 plus $19.95 shipping for a total price of $34.94.

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30-day money back guarantee


  • Slide board fitness system that incorporates side-to-side movements
  • Friction-less surface minimizes the impact and strain usually associated with running exercises
  • Engages several muscles
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Works on carpet, hardwood, or tile
  • Stores easily when not in use
  • Equipped with over 100 different exercises
  • Creates a total body transformation


  1. Shave inches off the body
  2. Develop rock-hard abs
  3. Burn off fat
  4. Butt
  5. Legs
  6. Shoulders
  7. Hips
  8. Inner thighs
  9. Arms

How it works

Obsidian is composed of durable and virtually indestructible material called HDP. The Obsidian slide board is constructed of heavy-duty hardware and has a versatile underside that adjusts to any surface. Obsidian will work efficiently on hardwood floors and soft carpet. It creates a friction-less surface that allows for maximum results with minimum resistance.

How to use it

  1. Move in a side-to-side motion on the Obsidian side board
  2. Follow the DVD’s and complete workouts strictly on the slide board
  3. Use in any room of the house

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How quickly can I expect to see results with the Obsidian board?

If you follow the DVD’s on a daily basis and use your Obsidian board as directed, you can expect to see lightning-fast results within 30 days!

Can the Obsidian board be used on any floor surface?

Yes! The Obsidian board has a versatile underside, so it will adjust to any floor surface, whether it’s hardwood or soft carpet.

Will I get a full-body workout with the Obsidian board?

Yes, you will have a full-body transformation with the Obsidian board, because its unique construction has the ability to work out every muscle group in the body. 

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Customer Service Phone Number: 800-619-1090
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