Navage is a gentle nose cleaner. This nasal irrigation system works to relieve sinus congestion. It works by placing nose pillows in your nostrils and it is mess free. Gentle suction works to remove congestion without causing any pain. The battery operated device works with the push of a button. All you need is water and salt pods to create your saline solution. The process is quick and will have you breathing better than ever before.

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This product claims that it is the only nasal cleaner on the market that uses gentle suction to alleviate nasal congestion. Using this product regularly will have you breathing better and it results in fewer trips to the doctors thanks to better overall health. Flush your sinus’ by using Navage.

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The cost of Navage is $59.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $69.9.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Water
  2. Fill the water tank with water.

  3. Salt Pod
  4. Put a salt pod in the crushing chamber and close the lid. By closing the lid you have crushed the salt pod which has created your saline solution.

  5. Position In Nose
  6. Put the nose pillows in your nostrils. Make sure there are no air gaps but they feel comfortable.

  7. Press On Button
  8. Press the on button only half way. Do this to check if you can feel the suction. Once you feel the gentle suction you can fully press the on button.

  9. Wait Until Tank Drains
  10. Wait until the water from the top tank has completely gone into the bottom tank. Once there is no more water in the top tank, you are finished. Just grab a tissue to wipe away an excess saline from your nose.

How It Works

The secret behind Navage is a high tech pump. This pump pulls the saline solution through your nostrils instead of pushing it through. The solution flows into one nostril, travels to the back of the nasal cavity and is gently pulled through the opposite nostril.


  • Self-contained
  • This product is self-contained meaning that the saline solution always stays inside Navage. It starts in the upper water tank, and after your saline rinse it enters the lower water tank. This allows for easy clean up.

  • Nose Pillows
  • The rubberized nose pillows are soft and mold to your nostril. This ensures there are no gaps so nothing can leak out during your rinse and they also offer comfort.


  1. Sinus Congestion
  2. Use Navage to relieve sinus congestion.

  3. Breathe Better
  4. You can also use the product to ensure optimal breathing - use it regularly for better health.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Often Should It Be Used?
  • It is recommended that you use Navage twice per day. The rule of thumb is to use it every time you brush your teeth - once in the morning and once at night. This is only a suggestion, you can use it as often as you are comfortable with.

  • Will It Be Painful?
  • No, this process is not painful. For people who are new to sinus rinses, the process might feel uncomfortable but it is not painful.

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