Mile Light

Mile light is a powerful flashlight that will allow you to see up to a mile away. This flashlight is strong and does not break easily. It has five different modes, so you can choose one according to your need. The flashlight can also zoom on objects, which lets you focus on one specific thing. Alternatively, you can illuminate a whole room or the entire front of a house with this light. Mile light is light weight and hence, easy to carry.

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Having this light with you will help you in emergency situations. You can scare an attacker away, draw attention to yourself if you are stranded, and much more. It is ideal if you want to go hunting, as it reaches a large surface area. This strong flashlight offers 100,000 hours of light.

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  • Colors

    It is available in four different colors. These are black, blue, pink and rose gold. All these colors are vibrant, bright and you can choose the one you like.

  • Mode

    There are five different modes. These include strobe, high, medium, low and sos.

  • Strobe

    In strobe mode, the light will rapidly switch on and off. This can be used to stun an attacker and buy you some time to get away or call for help.

  • Sos

    SOS mode can help you if you are stranded with a broken car.

  • Light

    Light can be high, medium or low. Low light is useful when you are running low on battery and need to conserve it.

  • Structure

    This flashlight is made of high quality aluminium and therefore is very durable.

How It Works

Mile Light, when turned on, will cast a light in whichever direction you intend. Its zooming feature allows you to see exactly what you want. When you are done using the torch, you can recharge it for next time use.


  1. Perfect For All Occasions

    This flashlight is great for camping, hunting, going for a walk at night and all sorts of emergencies.

  2. Light Weight

    It can easily be carried anywhere because of its compact size.

  3. Self Defense

    Other than strobe mode, it also has a beveled edge which can be used as a self-defense weapon in case of an emergency.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Mode

    Select the mode of the flashlight.

  2. Turn On

    Turn Mile Light on and illuminate whatever you want to see.

  3. Charge

    When you have used it, charge it for next time use.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Tough Is It?

    The flashlight will not break easily, even if dropped on the floor. It has a one year replacement guarantee.

  • What Is Its Power Source?

    Mile light works on a batteries that can be recharged.

  • What's Telescoping Technology?

    Telescoping technology means that the flashlight can reach a large surface area and illuminate things from a large distance away. It can also be zoomed and therefore point at one particular object, if needed. 2000 times zoom is possible with this light.

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