Micro Knife 180

Micro Knife 180 is a pocket knife meant to be convenient, highly portable and long lasting. It has a revolutionary design that allows it to look like a credit card while still maintaining a durable exterior. The blade included is sharp, waterproof and can cut through drywall. This pocket knife has a sturdy handle and can be used for multiple purposes, including cutting food. Aside from cutting through drywall and food, this product can also cut through cardboard with precision and ease.

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Never need another pocket knife again. Your Micro Knife 180 will take care of all your pocket knife cutting needs. This knife’s 2.5 inch blade is durable, long and will not stain or rust. The polypropylene handle ensures this pocket knife is easy to handle and fold when not in use. After you are finished with this knife, simply fold it up and place it in your wallet or pocket.

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The cost of Micro Knife 180 is $10.00 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Micro Knife 180 by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.99 for a total price of $25.98.

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  • Credit Card Design
  • The Micro Knife 180 folds into a credit card shape when not in use. Its handle folds inward, shielding you from the sharp blade while creating a rectangular shape. With this unique shape, you are able to place this knife into your wallet along with your actual credit cards.

  • Waterproof Blade
  • The 2.5 inch blade on this pocket knife is completely waterproof, which means it will not rust or become damaged when exposed to water. This is incredibly handy for when this pocket knife is used in rainy or damp conditions.


  1. Cut Through Cardboard
  2. Always have a knife handy in your wallet with the Micro Knife 180. Simply unfold it and cut through tape or cardboard boxes when needed.

  3. Cut Through Drywall
  4. If you are working on a wall and need to make an incision, utilize your Micro Knife 180 to get the job done with precision and ease. The blade will slice right through the wall.

How It Works

When folded, the Micro Knife 180 is the size and shape of a standard credit card. Once you need to use it, simply unfold the knife to reveal a 2.5 inch blade. Use the knife as needed. Then, fold the handle inwards, hiding the blade again. Place it back in your wallet for future use.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Unfold The Knife
  2. Unfold the handle on the knife when you are ready to use it.

  3. Refold The Handle
  4. When you are finished, refold the handle onto the blade and place the knife back into your wallet or pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Much Does It Weigh?
  • This pocket knife is extremely lightweight and only comes in at 13 grams. Such a light weight ensures that you can carry this pocket knife around in your wallet without noticing it.

  • How Thick Is It?
  • Micro Knife 180 is only 2.2 millimeters thick. This is less thick than two credit cards.

  • Is The Knife Real?
  • Yes, the Micro Knife 180 has a real blade that is made of surgical steel.

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