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If you want to build a beautiful underwater crystal world, then Magic Rocks will help you do that in just a matter of minutes. These rocks come in different colors, and they grow 10 times in size when placed in a tank or jar filled with water that is mixed with a special solution. They are a wonderful experiment that is fun to watch, and you can create backgrounds with the included wall papers or use your very own pictures.

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The company that makes the rock, Toysmith, claims that this kit will inspire your little one to explore and learn more about the formation of crystals in a fun way. This is because it includes detailed instructions and information of the process. It will help stimulate the mind of any aspiring young scientists and nudge them forward for further study.

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  • Easy To Use

    The steps used to grow the crystals are very straight forward. One can find the crystals start growing in just a matter of minutes, to form amazing and beautiful structures.

  • Tall Structures

    The rocks grow tall crystal structures, up to 10 times their size.

  • Colors

    The rocks come in different vibrant colors, like green, blue, pink and more, so your child can mix and match to get the perfect looking multi-colored underwater garden they can imagine.

  • No Special Jars

    No need to go out and purchase any specialized jar, your child can use just about any old jar to grow these amazing crystals, or they can just use the included Magic Rocks water tank.


  1. Experiments.

    Your child can use the rocks to learn about the wonderful process of crystal formation right at home by conducting this as an experiment. This a great gift for parents who have children that are interested in science, or if the parents want to get their child into science in a fun way.

  2. Crystal Gardens

    The rocks can be arranged in such a way that they form beautiful underwater crystal gardens for displaying to family and friends.

  3. Backgrounds

    Once the crystals have formed, and they are looking amazing, you can add the included shark poster to make a stunning background. If you used a small jar instead, you can use any picture you like to create a truly memorable background too.

How It Works

The secret to growing the rocks is in the magic solution that has special chemicals that accelerate the growth of the mineral in the rocks. Rocks here are made of metal salts that have been arranged to look like rocks, while the solution contains a concentration of sodium silicate. Solution is acidic, which makes it dissolve the minerals in the rocks when they are placed in the solution. This forms layers on top of one another called gelatins. Gelatins keep on forming until the minerals in the rocks run out, leaving you with beautiful crystal structures to admire.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill Tank.

    Get the included water tank, and then fill it up with water. If you use warm water the solution will produce taller, thinner crystal structures that grow will faster and also produce more bubbles, while cooler water will produce thicker crystal structures that grow slower.

  2. Add Solution

    After the tank has been filled with water, add the sodium silicate solution to the water.

  3. Place Rocks

    Place the different colored rocks in the tank; also, make sure they don’t touch the side of the tank, as they won't form a proper standalone structure but will cling to the wall. It is also advised to use a sheet of aluminum foil, plastic, or paper underneath the rocks so that they don’t stain the glass.

  4. Watch

    Sit back and watch the crystal structures start to form, one by one, in just a few minutes; the whole process should take hours to complete. You can place more rocks, if you want more crystal structures, but be sure to clear out the solution first; 6 hours before putting in the new batch of rocks.

  5. Replace Solution

    Once the formation is complete, empty the tank with of the solution. Then add water so that the crystal structures are preserved and can be enjoyed for a long, long time.


Magic Rocks have been around for decades. This is why our research uncovered a lot user reviews and opinions of the them online on websites like Amazon, and the reviews are pretty good enough to dispel many scam claims. Of the 33 verified purchases of the product on Amazon, the rocks have averaged a solid 3.8 out 5 stars; this indicates generally favorable reviews from these users. One 5 star review said they had bought them for their 8 year old son, and they were able to get them to start growing in minutes; leaving them to complete the formation overnight. On the negative side, one customer who bought the rocks, out of nostalgia, ended up with "weak stalagmites" and sludge after she had followed instructions to the tee; only to end up disappointed.


  • Smithsonian Magic Rocks

    These are also a brand of multi-colored rocks that have the same features as the product made by Toysmith but with a space themed poster to use as a background. They grow instantly, up to 4" inches, and can be used to create underwater gardens or aquariums. The same have the same fun and educational value for young would-be scientists to have fun while learning.

  • 4m Crystal Growing Experiment

    These particular rocks has 7 different experiments and all the tools your child needs to learn about the formation of crystals. The experiments yield different colored crystals. When your child is done with growing them, they can place the fully formed crystals in a special display case that comes with the package.

  • Make Your Own

    If you want your child to enjoy the experience of watching these magic crystal structures grow and learn from it, Magic rocks is your best bet. In case you find the product expensive, why not make these rocks by yourself? You can find some of the salts at your local grocery store or in a chemistry lab. Making your own is inexpensive and equally fun!

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