Lumi Doh

Lumi Doh is a unique dough that stretches like rubber and molds like dough. It is designed to be flexible and never dry out and it's also glow in the dark. Lumi Doh is different than other doughs on the market as it can be molded into any shape and its luminous silicone material will allow it to keep that shape without drying out or falling apart. Additionally, Lumi Doh will stick onto walls and stay for decorations or glow in the dark pieces. It can also be baked to eternalize whatever shape the child has made with it. For instance jewelry can be baked to harden as necklaces or bracelets.

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Lumi Doh is the doh that glows! It stretches like rubber and molds like doh, and it never loses its shape. It can make a room into a starry sky, it can create underwater glow in the dark creatures, and it can even decorate notebooks and backpacks for school. Lumi Doh gives endless possibilities to the imagination. Mermaids, jewelry, dolls, spiders and spider webs, stars, shapes, and animals can all be made as well. Lumi Doh will never dry out and it will always keep its shape because of its super luminous silicone. It can even be baked to keep a shape forever!

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The cost of Lumi Doh is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Lumi Doh by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.99 for a total price of $35.97.

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  • Glows in the dark
  • Can be molded into shapes
  • Can stick onto walls and stay put
  • Stretches like rubber and molds like dough
  • Has a glossy shine
  • Holds its shape
  • Can be baked to eternalize its shape
  • Can be taken apart to remake other things
  • Never dries out
  • Washable and non-toxic 


  1. Jewelry 
  2. Turn walls and ceilings into starry skies
  3. Decorate backpack for school
  4. Make glowing underwater sea creatures
  5. Dolls and mermaids
  6. Spiders and spider webs
  7. Stick to the wall as decorations
  8. Shapes and letters
  9. Giraffes with movable necks
  10. Cars with glowing headlights

How it works

Lumi Doh is composed of super luminous silicone that shines, stretches, glows, and never dries out. It is made differently than most other doughs on the market and can last for much longer.

How to use it

  1. Stretch it or mold it to make a creation
  2. Bake it to eternalize the shape
  3. Place on the wall for decorations or glow in the dark shapes

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Lumi Doh made of? How is it so durable?

Lumi Doh is composed of super luminous silicone, which is how it is able to stretch and have a glossy shine.

What makes it different than other doughs?

Lumi Doh has so many more possibilities than other doughs on the market. It can be molded into anything, it always keeps its shape, it has a glossy shine, it can stick to things easily, AND it glows in the dark.

How do you bake it?

Lumi Doh only needs to be baked for a few minutes on a low setting to keep its shape, but parents have to do it.

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