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Little Blank Pants is a collection of amazing body-fit pants by FitLogic. These pants, unlike other pants, are designed specially to perfectly fit you in accordance to your body shape and measurements. The customer undergoes a series of five questions to determine a quality factor that further determines his / her physical dimensions and sorts out the best fitting pant to go for. This product has been designed in special consideration to the clothing problems that originate from unsynchronized waist and thigh measures. The buyer is allowed to choose the pant that best fits their body.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, this product completely eradicates the problem of loose and flabby pants. These pants are custom made to best fit your lower body. Regular fit pants are designed for perfectly shaped models, independent of the waist, hip and thigh problems in the real life. Real women carry real problems of regular pants which although fit their waist but not their thighs etc. Little Black Pants, created by FitLogic, designs pants that cater to such problems and create perfect-fit pants for real life women.

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  • Size Variety

    These fashion pants come in varying sizes, well-designed to compliment to your figure. The sizes range from 0 to 18. Variety of the available sizes delivers best fitting pants for people of nearly all possible sizes.

  • Designs

    These pants are available in multiple designs such as classic straight leg cut or ankle slim cut. Further, these pants also include a side zipper and an invisible button tap, adding to the decency of clothing. Simple and elegant appearance of the pants makes them fit for every type of occasion, formal to casual.

  • Body Shape Oriented

    The product come in three different shapes to perfectly fit your body. These shapes are referred numerically to as Shape 1, Shape 2 and Shape 3 designed for high hips, hourglass, wide thigh body shapes respectively. The categories have been specified in accordance with 94% of the female physical appearances.

  • Wash And Wear

    FitLogic has effectually focused on the textile re-usability aspect while creating the Little Black Pants. These pants are the wash and wear type. Provided the water is cold, you can wash them in a washing machine and also dry them in dryers. This feature is an absolute bonus as ordinary pants may not be acceptable for machine wash and dry.

  • Versatility

    These pants are not subjected to office or formal use only. They can be worn at any occasion, as the color and material is fit to use with even t-shirts and tops. Dinners, meetings, conferences, presentations: whatever be the occasion, Little Black Pants are the most 'befitting' option when it comes to choosing your best pair trousers.

  • Efficient Material

    These fashion pants are light-weight and have been developed from breathable round fabrics. Special focus on the material ensures a comfortable wear. These easy to wear pants make it feasible to be worn in any season. The product add great comfort to your day, particularly during the summer.

  • No Ironing Required

    The wash and wear material enables you to go worry-free from the hassles of ironing and handling the pants with care. These pants require no ironing prior to use. All you have to do is to put it on and enjoy the comfort. Carry it any way you want to. The beautiful look stays the same, enhancing your appearance every time you wear it. For long journeys, these pants spare you the effort of ironing them repeatedly every time you pack or unpack.

  • For All Age Groups

    One of the best features of these elegant pants is that they are not for a specified group. Versatility of size, shape and design renders it fit for every age group. These pants come with variety of body dimensions along with shape and size versatility, enabling it to fit every women. You have to no more worry about your age, shape or physical dimensions while ordering these pants.

How It Works

Unlike ordinary pants, Little Black Pants is a product that is technically based upon your size, shape, dimensions and figures. Before you select and order your pants, you have to undergo a test that lets you know about your size that will perfectly fir your body. The test tells you your size from the three categorized body shapes which 94% of women possess. All you have to do is to answer five basic questions. At the end of test you will be assigned a two digit number based upon your answers to the questions. This two digit number is your physique’s definition factor. The first digit among the two represents the size of your best fitting pant, and the second digit represents your body type.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Take The Test.

    The test will let you know about your body type and the pant size that will perfectly fit your physique.

  2. Choose Your Design

    These pants come in multiple designs such as classic straight leg cut and ankle slim cut. Choose the design that you like the most.

  3. Order Your Product

    After you’ve chosen your design, all you need to do is to order the product.


  1. Wear Them Anywhere.

    Little Black Pants is a pair of stylish and well-designed pants that you can put on in all occasions irrespective of your physical appearance. You can wear them in official meetings, presentations, parties, meet ups, reunions, family dinners etc.

  2. Pants Are Machine-washable

    Material feasibility allows you to machine wash these pants in cold water, and you can even machine dry them, unlike other ordinary pants.

  3. Easy Wash And Wear

    These are wash and wear pants so you don’t have to worry about ironing your pants anymore. Plus, their flexibility allows them to be carried in any way as their surface is anti-wrinkle.

SCAM Claims

  1. Popularity On The Internet.

    The product is up on many marketing sites across the web. It has been given a major positive feedback by the customers. Little Black Pants have a rating of 4 out 5 starts on its official website. The official Facebook page has over 30 thousand likes.

  2. Positive Response

    People appreciated the proper fitting of these pants and the way they enhanced their appearance, unlike ordinary saggy pants. One of the users stated that he had never owned a pair of pants that fitted as perfectly until he bought a pair of the Little Black Pants, while rating it 5 out 5.

  3. Negative Response

    The negative reviewers at most reported about the technical issues and delays they faced in receiving their orders. Company Management later stated that such issues are a part of growth in the initial phase of a growing company, but not they have been rectified.

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