Les Mills Pump

The Les Mills Pump is a weight that will sculpt the body that you’ve been always dreaming of. The Les Mills Pump uses a unique kind of technique called The Rep Effect, which allows you to sculpt muscles fast. Pumps via a light weight done in a repetitious manner can push your body to its limits. The Les Mills Pump can burn thousands of calories in just a few hours, and can sculpt your body to give you the lean, mean muscles that you’ve always been fantasizing about. This technique is taught in thousands of gyms worldwide, and millions of people can’t be wrong.

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The infomercial claims that this pump is the fastest way to get in shape. The pump is apparently based on the world’s most popular class, body pump, which is taught in thousands of gyms in over 80 countries, and millions of people are in them each week. The infomercial claims that more pumps with a light weight is the secret to a sexy, sculptured body. This is called the rep effect, and it can push your body to its limits. It claims to work over a thousand calories an hour, and it can shred fat while taking care of your body in ways you didn’t think were possible.

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  • The Les Mills Pump will shed pounds and sculpt your body. 
  • Uses The Rep Effect, which gives you repetitious pumps with a light weight for optimal results. 
  • Learn new techniques with the included workout DVD’s, which are designed to teach you the best ways to sculpt.


  1. The Les Mills Pump is great for quickly sculpting the body that you’ve always wanted. 
  2. Good for testing your body to your limits. 
  3. Can also be used to shed pounds, all while getting lean muscle. 

How It Works

The Rep Effect is done by using repetitious workouts with a light weight, and that will push your body to its very limits. It can sculpt your body in ways you didn’t think were possible, and it can give you good results fast. 

How To Use It

  1. Assemble the weight to your preferred resistance. 
  2. Choose a workout. 
  3. Work out your body to it and see results. 
  4. Keep track of your nutrition as well.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where Should I Start When It Comes To My Workout?

The Les Mills Pump has you covered. It includes over seven different workouts on DVD’s that allow you to choose which workout you want to do. 

What Should I Eat?

The Les Mills Pump has you covered on that, too. It includes a nutrition guide so you can create your own diet to help you achieve your maximum potential. 

I Need Some Assistance With My Order.

Don’t worry. Beach Body will take care of that. They have a support center where you can get instant answers to your most burning questions about the product.

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Beach Body wants to give you the best customer service possible. For quick answers to questions, or to speak with someone live, visit the help page at https://beachbody.custhelp.com/. There, you can have all of your questions answered quickly and painlessly. 
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