Knot Out Brush

Knot Out Brush is ideally a comb that helps you properly groom your pet's fur and untangle it when it gets stuck. The brush untangles fur using a set of blades and is completely safe to use on your pet without worrying about nicking them. It is also capable of grooming fur of all types, whether it is thick or tall, the comb will run smoothly through and untangle all knots easier and faster than normal combs.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

It is claimed in the infomercial that this comb is safer and more effective to use on your pet's fur to remove knots than normal combs. This way, you don't have to result to brutal methods, like scissors or sharper combs that end damaging your pet's lovely fur coat or harming them in the process.

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The cost of Knot Out Brush is $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Knot Out Brush by paying the extra shipping fee of $4.95 for a total price of $22.9.

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  • Quick And Easy

    Pets tend to dislike the grooming process with a passion since it is usually painful, slow, and irritating when using normal combs to get this already frustrating job done right. This comb is easy to use that you will combing your pet's fur in no time at all and in a painless manner that your pet will become a willing participant.

  • Safety Teeth

    Normal combs tend to have sharp teeth that can scratch and pierce into your pet's skin, thus hurting them very badly. Especially if you are very inexperienced at grooming and don’t do it regularly, your pet is even more vulnerable. This is not an issue with this comb because it is made up of safety teeth that gracefully slide along the pet's skin and massages it in the process; meaning your pet will love it.

  • Works On Thick Fur

    Some dogs have double coated fur which can make grooming it a tough job that requires a massive amount of force just to get the comb through without irritating your pet. The good thing about this comb is that it will easily go through thick fur without getting stuck like the regular combs do.

  • Works On Tall Fur

    While combing short fur is not that hard, medium or long fur tends to tug and pull when you try to comb it and this can end up ripping of some fur. The Knot Out comb will easily goes through long hair with minimal effort for a struggle free experience that won't hurt your pet.

How It Works

When you don’t constantly brush or comb your pet’s fur, knots tend to develop in their coat when it starts to shed and the tiny hairs get caught up by the rest of the fur. The hair then forms clumps over a period of time which gets tangled, making it difficult for combs to pass through them without struggle. Knot Out Brush untangles those knots in the fur, using small set of blades that spin to untangle the knot. When you push the button, the blades will start spinning and lightly cut through the knot; untangling it in the process.


  1. Grooming.

    This comb works best for grooming your pet's fur without wasting a lot of money on expensive pet groomers to make your cat or dog happy. Knock out Brush can be used on the back, ears, paws, face etc. Of cats and dogs of all breeds and types sans much ado.

  2. Untangling Fur

    Untangling knots is not is a fun task and can lead to a lot of frustration on both sides. That is why the Knot Out comb is the perfect tool for untangling knots in your pet's fur without any stress.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Comb.

    Take the comb and gently comb through your pet’s fur slowly with swift, long strokes. While combing it, be very careful and keep the blades of the comb away from the skin of the pet so that they don’t hurt or irritate them, and everything goes smoothly.

  2. Push Button

    While combing the fur, if the comb gets stuck in a knot, push the red button to activate the blades to untangle the fur very quickly so that you can move on. Don't press button multiple times, and only press the button when the comb is stuck to avoid depleting the battery power of the comb unnecessarily. .


We looked at the reviews and user opinions on Amazon, where the comb is also sold, to find out what pet owners think about the Knot Out comb, and the response has been very negative. Beholding the average, it has been found that the comb has a disappointing average of 1.9 out 5 stars based on 677 reviews; which indicates generally negative reviews and is highly indicative that it is probably a scam. On the positive side of things, some users were able to get the comb to un-knot a few tangled furs, and they also reported how excellent the comb was at grooming long fur. As for the negative side, most users reported that the comb didn't even work at all, the blades hurt their pet and jammed after a few times of use, and the noise was agitating.


  • Other Electric Combs

    Luckily for you, if the Knot Out comb doesn’t work, you can find a number of other electric combs which are better reviewed on the market, with just a quick search on Amazon. Our results revealed that the best rated comb for cats and dog is the Berso comb that has an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 83 customer reviews.

  • Regular Combs

    If you have tried and found that electric combs aren’t for you, then using regular combs is an acceptable option when you don’t mind the extra work. Using these regular combs requires a bit of skill because they tend to tug, pull or get stuck, and this has a very high chance of stressing you out and hurting your pet even more.

  • Clippers

    When all combs have failed you, then perhaps you might just consider using a pair of clippers to cut through the knots. A pair of scissors works, but this won’t give you the desired accuracy and you might not be able to access those hard to reach areas, or you can use a set of electric clippers.

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