Just Right Pillow

The Just Right Pillow is a bed time pillow that holds its position so the user feels comfortable all the time. What’s more is it has multiple uses and can be rolled or folded which means it’s possible to relax in almost any position. Available in four different colors, this pillow is also ideal if extra back support is required. The pillow can be used in beds, on chairs and in the car, providing extra support.

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The Just Right Pillow gives the users a lot of support and comfort. It’s able to do this thanks to the cushioned sections that are easy to move. It is ideal for use on the couch, during long journeys and when you’re in bed too. It’s never been easier to get comfortable and stay that way.

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The cost of Just Right Pillow is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Just Right Pillow by paying the extra shipping fee of $4.95 for a total price of $32.85.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H)


  • 5 Cushioned Sections
  • These ensure the pillow can be moved and folded so it’s possible to achieve a comfortable position. This feature enables users to be more comfortable for longer.


  1. Great For Relaxing
  2. This product is great when it’s time to relax and unwind after a long day. It can provide the level of comfort needed to chill out and feel at ease.

  3. Ideal For Any Time
  4. The Just Right Pillow can be used any time so that an optimum level of comfort is achieved.

  5. Can Be Used As A Foot Rest
  6. The pillow can be adjusted so it can be used as a foot rest. This can help to prevent people from getting cold feet, especially when they are rested on cold surfaces.

How It Works

Just Right Pillow works by giving users the chance to feel comfortable a lot more often. Roll or fold the pillow so support is achieved when it’s needed. The cushioned sections have been made so they can fit perfectly into a wedge. It can also be used as a flat cushion for a little more support and comfort.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Get The Pillow At The Ready
  2. Sit down on a chair, or lie down on the sofa and get into a good position.

  3. Adjust The Pillow
  4. Roll or fold the pillow so it fits under the head, feet or behind the back perfectly.

  5. Feel The Difference
  6. The extra level of support will ensure a higher level of comfort is attained. Just Right Pillow can be adjusted further if another position is desired.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Can It Be Used When Sitting?
  • Yes, this pillow can be easily placed behind your back, as it will gives a little more support when sitting at a desk all day. It can also be used in the car as it could fit down the gap between the drivers back and the seat.

  • What Colors Does It Come In?
  • The Just Right Pillow comes in 4 different colors: Black, blue, pink or white.

  • Can It Support Legs Too?
  • Yes, this great new product can also be used to support the legs, back and the head too.

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