Hot Belt

Hot Belt is a fitness belt that makes you sweat more in your core area when you are working out. This product is brought to you by Hot Shapers and makes you sweat more by increasing body temperature. The secret to weight loss is sweating, which this product helps you achieve. It is available in different colours and sizes. This is your personal sauna that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Not matter how much you sweat the outside of Hot Belt stays dry to the touch thanks to a unique design.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

The Hot Belt infomercial claims that this product is going to make your body sizzle. It will give you that hourglass figure you have always wanted. Studies have shown that by wearing this product your core will produce four times more sweat. The more you sweat, the better you will look thanks to Hot Belt.

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The cost of Hot Belt is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.

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  1. Waist Size

    Use this product to decrease the size of your waist. The product fits over your waist which causes the area to sweat more, resulting in weight loss.

  2. Hourglass Figure

    Use this product to get that hourglass figure you have always dreamed of. Hot Belt forces your core to sweat more while leaving the rest of your body the same - this helps you achieve a smaller waist without affecting your bust size or hips. You will have curves you never thought were possible.

  3. Weight Loss

    The secret to losing weight is to burn calories. This product will help you burn 87% more calories than if you were not wearing it.


  • Comfortable

    Hot Belt is comfortable enough to wear for the entire day. It is not so tight that it will cause discomfort or poor circulation.

  • Where It Everywhere

    Although this is a fitness belt you do not only have to wear it when you are working out. You can wear it to work, in the car, running errands or even when you are just sitting at home watching Tv.

How It Works

The secret behind Hot Belt is the Neotex smart fabric which is composed of intelligent fibres. These fibres start producing heat simply by coming into contact with the skin. As soon as you put Hot Belt on, it starts burning calories. Even better is that the outer layer is super absorbent so it keeps the outside of the material dry no matter how much you sweat.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose A Size

    The first step to using Hot Belt is to choose the appropriate size. This is important because you do not want a Hot Belt that is too big or too small.

  2. Slide It On

    The next step is to slide it on. You can do this by stepping into it and pulling it all the way up so your entire midsection is covered. Then you can go about your day as you normally would.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Can Men Wear It Too?

    Yes, men can also wear Hot Belt as this product was not designed solely for women.

  • What Sizes Are There?

    There are seven different sizes to choose ranging from small to 3xl. The size you should wear will depend on the size of your waist as the different sizes fit waists ranging from 24 inches to 58 inches.

  • Do You Wash It?

    Yes, it is very important that you wash Hot Belt. When you wear it, it will accumulate a lot of sweat so regular washing is required.

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