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Home Remedies, the newest book by Montel Williams, provides you with both the latest and oldest home remedies for all of your aches and pains. Did you know that oatmeal can relieve arthritis, or that almonds can put you to sleep when insomnia strikes? Do you use cayenne pepper to relieve joint pain, or realize that aloe vera works better on eczema than over the counter medicine? You can find these remedies and so much more by reading this book. Montel uses these remedies at the comfort of his own home, and you can too. When sickness strikes, seek comfort in your own home.

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Montel Williams, a celebrity, talk show host, and salesman, introduces this book, which he claims has home remedies that he uses whenever he’s feeling sick. These remedies are all natural, and according to him have no side effects and cost less than most medicines. He claims that oatmeal can relieve arthritis pain, claims that cayenne pepper can take care of aching joints, and says that aloe vera works better on eczema than most medicines can. He even claims that eating a few almonds can help out when you’re having trouble sleeping. Montel says that these remedies and more can be found in his book.

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    New book from Montel Williams gives you all of the home remedies in one. 
  • Households ingredients without the horrible side effects of medicine. 
  • Use oatmeal to treat your arthritis. 
  • Use cayenne pepper to relieve joint pain.
  • Aloe Vera works better than most medicines when it comes to treating eczema. 
  • Find these natural cures and so much more by reading this book.


  • Used to relieve pain. 
  • Used to take care of a lot of symptoms naturally. 
  • Used if you want at-home solutions to problems.

How It Works

The book contains all natural remedies that Montel Williams uses when he’s suffering from ailments. There are also natural remedies that have been overheard from people. These remedies will cure your problems without the horrible side effects of normal medication.

How To Use It

  • Read the book. 
  • If there’s a remedy for something that you suffer from, purchase the ingredients and use it as the book directs.

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