Gwee has many different products to keep your screens for any electronic sparkling clean. There is a different Gwee product custom made for all your different electronics. It is a screen cleaner that is with you when you need it. It works with all smart phones, tablets, and computers. They make screens smudge-free and lint-free quickly. It is easy to keep all your electronics screens clean because Gwee can be stored right on your electronic device. The antimicrobial is embedded in all of their cleaning accessories. Leading publications state that the magnets don’t have any negative impact on electronic devices.

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Gwee keeps your electronic device screens all smudge-free and lint free. They are small so you can always have them on you. There is a custom Gwee for every one of your electronics. It is easy and quick to use. They are also always in reach, although they are stored out of your way. Gwee Button can be placed right on the back of your phone for easy access and easy storage. Use the Gwee Leaf to keep laptops and computer screens clean. Gwee Racer is perfect for every kind of tablet. Gwee Racer can even help you save some energy on your I-pad. If you order from the website, you get free replaceable pads for a whole year.

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The cost of Gwee is $19.97 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $27.92.

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  • Keeps touchscreen clean and smudge-free
  • Clean quickly, safely, and easily
  • Can be used for any tablets, laptops, and cell phones
  • Custom made for every electronic device
  • Anti-Microbial is in cleaning pad to keep the screens super clean
  • Three different kinds: the Button, the Leaf, and the Racer
  • The Button:for all tablets and cellphones,  easily attaches on back of phone or tablet
  • The Leaf: can be used for any electronic, also can hold headphones when wrapped around it
  • The Racer: made for Ipads, magnetically attaches to frame for easy storage, if moved from left to right it saves energy by turning the Ipad off and on


  1. Clean screens of all electronic devices
  2. Can be used to hold cellphone

How it Works

You detach the Gwee from your device and start rubbing it on your screen to take the smudges off to keep it clean.After the screen becomes spotless, you attach it to your device easily to keep it stored.

How to Use It

  1. Remove the cleaner from its magnetic holder
  2. Wipe up and down on your screen until the smudges are all gone
  3. Store onto your device and out of your way

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Gwee cleaning products use magnets to adhere to my device. Are these magnets safe?

The vast majority of today’s electronics do not have parts that are magnetically sensitive. In fact many of the most popular phones, tablets, and cases already have imbedded magnets. Some modern devices use magnets as screen saver or to secure a protective case. Should you have questions about magnets and your particular device, please contact the manufacturer of your device.

What is the best placement for the button on my phone?

The button attaches to the back of your device with the use of adhesives. Make sure that you do not place over speakers or cameras. Also, because the button can act as a device kick stand for phones, be sure to place it in a convenient area to use this function.

The cleaning material on my Racer is worn out. Can I replace it?

The portion of the Racer used for cleaning is magnetically attached and can be easily removed and replaced. Simply order replacement cleaning strips, without having to replace your Racer.

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