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If you do not want hard socks or shoes then Gripper Socks is the best solution. These are high quality socks which have a foot bed which contains copper. They are made for steady walking. Regular socks do not offer the required friction to save you from slipping when you are climbing stairs or going on a slope. Slippers are also not usually fit for this purpose. Gripper Socks, in contrast, provide you the required grip that makes your movement more stable.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, people love to use these socks because of their comfort level. These are high performance socks providing maximum secure grip due to the use of silicone in the sole. They are comfortable every day wear, especially when you are tired of wearing heavy shoes all the time.

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  • Silicone Grips

    A high performance silicone grip provides high stability and comfort. You can easily walk as much as you want. Also, you can move all around your home wearing these socks, with no fear of falling.

  • Copper Bed Signature

    These socks have copper infused foot bed. Copper is useful as it resist odor causing bacteria. This means that you can avoid the sweaty smell that normal socks accumulate after being worn for a long time.

  • Cotton Blend

    These socks are made with a cotton blend. The advantage is that this cotton blend has anti-sweat wick material which serves to minimize moisture produced by sweating. Sweat which is produced is absorbed, thus ensuring that your feet remain dry and comfortable all day long.

  • Compression Arch Design

    Custom fit and maximum performance is given by this product because it has a built in arch compression design. This gives support to the arch of the foot. As a result, you can wear these socks for a long time and your feet will not get tired or become painful.

  • Available In Different Series

    Depending upon your choice, Gripper socks are available in either grey series or blue series. Both series offer attractive beautiful colors shades. You can choose according to the occasion and your outfit and look great.

  • Durable

    These socks, due to their good quality material and silicone grips, are durable and long lasting. Once you buy a pair, you can wear them for a long time.

  • Washable

    The socks are easily washable and come out from the laundry looking clean and new.

  • Reduce Stains

    Some socks and shoes produce stains on skin if we wear them for a long time, but not these socks. They do not cause skin mottling or staining; rather they keep skin in perfect shape.

  • Non Irritating

    As this product contain copper, these socks are non-irritating to the skin. Even people who have sensitive skin can wear them with ease. As moisture and sweat absorbed, these socks do not result in itching.

  • Environment Friendly

    The materials used for making these socks are not harmful to people or the environment.

  • Sizes

    Gripper Socks small and medium sock size perfectly fits men shoe size 5-9 while large size fits men shoe size 9-12. For women, sock size small and medium is good for shoe size 6-10, while for shoe size 11-13, large sock size is well fitted.


  1. Yoga And Pilates.

    While doing yoga and Pilates you need a firm support that is best provided by the item. Some people do wear tight shoes but if they use these socks instead, they will realize that it is the best choice while performing exercises of all kinds.

  2. Looking Awesome

    With different colors available, you can wear these socks according to your taste and overall look and thus look perfect on all occasions.

  3. Good Gift

    Gripper Socks are a useful gift for all ages and also for both genders.

  4. High Performance

    This product provides you high performance movements. You can go up and down stairs quickly and steadily with no risk of slipping or causing any injury.

  5. Indoors Movement

    Sometimes, you just want to walk around on the carpet but do not want to wear shoes for fear of ruining your carpet or making it dirty. You can wear normal socks but they just do not offer enough comfort. For such purposes, this product is best. You can wear it all day long, inside, and be relaxed while also ensuring that your house remains clean and free of dirt.

  6. For All Ages

    Gripper Socks is fit for all ages but particularly for elder people as they really have a fear of slipping.

How It Works

Copper Fit Socks are manufactured with copper ions bound at the fiber level during the manufacturing process. The metal copper is used because of several reasons. Copper fiber will not easily wash out or quickly wear away, and has been tested to remain effective for numerous washes. More important, copper is environmentally friendly, a natural mineral, and is a required nutrient of many ecosystems present in nature. Also, the material of the socks absorbs sweat because of the presence of moisture absorbing wick technology.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wear.

    Wear the socks like you would put on any normal socks.

  2. Walk

    Now you can walk around all day long, feeling easy and comfortable.

  3. Launder

    Once you have used the socks for some time, you can wash them in the washing machine or by hand. Every single use does not require a wash.

  4. Store

    Store them for next day use.


Gripper Socks, due to their non-slip manufacturing, are perfect for day to day wear. They are also good for exercising and other activities like Yoga, which require balance and support.


  • Gripsox

    This is the world's leading form of non-slip grip socks. The purpose is the same as that of Gripper Socks. These socks are aimed mainly at elders who have a greater tendency of slipping and falling. In price, these songs cost more or less the same as Gripper Socks.

  • Great Soles Women's Grip Socks

    As mentioned in the name, these grip socks are made mainly for women who want to practice yoga and other forms of exercise. It has one size which is meant for women shoe size 6-10.

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