Foot Angel

Foot Angel is a compression wrap that looks like a sock, but can be worn under socks for instant foot relief. This product is intended to help people sooth foot aches and pains that often come with lots of activity while on the go. People that often experience foot pain while standing for long hours, walking for extended periods of time or have genetic dispositions to foot pain will find relief with Foot Angel’s technology.

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This product reduces swelling while improving circulation at the same time. It is designed to fit snug around the foot and can even be worn with socks. The fabric is breathable, which means you will not get an unpleasant smell by wearing this product all day. Instead, you will forget you are wearing it because of its lightweight nature.

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The cost of Foot Angel is $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Foot Angel by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $26.97.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee Less P&H


  • 7 Targeted Zones

    When worn, this product targets seven different zones on the feet. Each compression area is designed to either be gentle, moderate, or firm - depending on which part of the foot it is. Since various parts of the foot require different pressures to ensure relief, that is exactly what the Foot Angel provides.

  • Unisex

    Both men and women can wear product for instant foot relief. There are multiple sizes that accommodate most feet comfortably. These sizes range from small to extra large in either black or white color options.


  1. Everyday Wear

    You can wear these compression socks under your regular socks for instant, everyday relief from chronic foot pain. This product will soothe both your heels and your feet.

  2. Relieve Plantar Fascitiis

    For users that suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, this product will help alleviate that pain when these compression socks are worn.

How It Works

Foot Angel works by having 7 different compression points within the product with three different levels of compression. The soft, moderate and firm compression points ensure that each part of the foot or heel receive just the right amount of compression in order to relive pain. Thus, the wearer will instantly feel foot pain relief as they wear this product.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose The Right Size

    According to the size of your foot, choose the appropriate sized Foot Angel. Be careful not to pick a size that is too small, as this will be uncomfortable for everyday wear.

  2. Place On Foot First

    Before putting on your regular socks, place the Foot Angel over your feet first. Then, put on your socks and shoes as usual. Wear Foot Angel as needed and whenever foot pain strikes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • What Color Is It?

    The Foot Angel only comes in two colors - black and white. This means that it will stay discreet under most socks. For those looking for other compression product colors, you will not find it with Foot Angel.

  • What About Plantar Fascitiis?

    Yes, this product does relieve Plantar Fascitiis for those who suffer from it.

  • Is It Machine Washable?

    Yes, the Foot Angel can be safely thrown in the wash along with your other laundry.

Customer Service Contact Information

Foot Angel
2880 North Lamb Blvd
Las Vegas

Customer Service Phone Number: 844-270-8418
Email: [email protected]
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Website Doesn't Work

Tim | Troy, AL | 07 May 2015

The website adds a pair every screen that is a pop up. So your paying over$80.00 buy the time you check out , but it doesn't show you until it has processed your order and charged your card. Then the phone number and website won't come up to cancel your order! !

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25 May 2015

I had the same problem. How do you send it back?

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Don't Buy

Sue | Auburn, IL | 06 Apr 2015

I finally received my Foot Angel, 6 weeks after I placed the order. I purchased a X-Large because I have Ankle & Leg ( swelling ) Edema, from Cancer treatments. The sock X-L is way to small. It cut off my foot circulation causing extreme foot pain! It's cheaper to got to AmesWalker. com and get the 65083 Therafirm 20-30mmHg Open Toe Anklet, it works and FITs.

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