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Focus T25 is an at-home fitness program that is engineered to be used for 5 days at a total of 25 minutes each session. It was designed by Shaun T, the creator of the INSANITY workout. Focus T25 incorporates a method called Focus Interval Training (FIT) which targets on muscle group after another. Users are expected to follow the nonstop movements of every workout DVD to achieve the results they are looking for. Focus T25 consists of two DVD groups: the first being the Alpha Cycle and the second being the Beta Cycle. The fitness program is intended to be as effective as a 60 minute workout.

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With Focus T25, users can experience 60 minutes worth of exercise in 25 minutes each session for 5 days a week. It works based on the Focus Interval Training method, which focuses on certain muscle groups and moves on from one to the other as the DVD training videos progress. Users can get the results they are looking for if they follow the constant, attack-movements of Shaun T in each of the DVD’s. Additionally, research has shown that a 30 minute workout can be even more effective than a 60 minute workout. The DVD’s are specially engineered for 25 minutes of exercise to be as efficient as 60 minutes.

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  • 9 workout DVD’s total
  • 25 minutes for 5 days a week
  • Uses Focus Interval Training (FIT)
  • Invented by the same creator of INSANITY
  • Non-stop movements for 25 minutes
  • Targets every muscle group


  1. Glutes
  2. Shoulders
  3. Abs
  4. Quads
  5. Biceps
  6. Obliques
  7. Burning fat and toning up muscle

How it works

Focus T25 is intended to train the body in 20 minutes in the same effective manner as a 60-minute workout. It integrates a system called Focus Interval Training, or FIT, that works on one muscle group at a time before moving on to the next. Focus T25 consists of the alpha cycle and the beta cycle.

How to use it

  1. Pop the DVD’s in and follow them for 25 minutes, 5 days a week
  2. Use Alpha Cycle Focus: The Foundation first
  3. Move on to Beta Cycle Focus: The Core next
  4. Be sure to follow the movements consistently without taking any breaks as that is how the program is intended to be used.  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Shaun T?

Shaun T is a fitness idol who has created numerous workouts, including the famous INSANITY workout. Focus T25 is his newest creation, which is designed to give you a 60 minute workout in 25 minutes’ time.

When should I expect to see results?

You should expect to start seeing noticeable results in 10 weeks or less. As long as you follow the program exactly and keep up with the nonstop movements, you will achieve the results you are looking for.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Focus T25 comes with a 30 day money back guarantee for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

Customer Service Contact Information

For customer service call 1800-998-1681 and they will be happy to assist you. All Focus T25 orders come with a 30 day money back guarantee minus the shipping and handling costs. The Focus T25 program can be ordered over the phone or online.



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