This is a wonderful, soft and comfortable toy that flips for your child to reveal a new toy character. Kids always want more than one toys from the toys store, and so Flipazoo is the perfect solution. Flipazoo is a soft plush toy that is two-sided fun for every child. It is two amazing collectables in one toy. They are beautifully and brightly colored, thus being very attractive. The toys have soft and fluffy bodies.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, Flipazoo is a plush toy which can be flipped over to reveal a new character. The toys are in the shapes of different animals, each one bright and colorful. Children love playing with these toys because they are fun to use and when kids get tired of one toy, they can flip it to reveal another.

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The cost of Flipazoo is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $29.98.

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  • Filp-able Body

    Each toy has a flip-able body made of high-quality polyester.

  • Two Animals In One

    Children get two soft stuffed animal in one, giving them exciting playtime surprise. They show it to their friends and even their relatives, because the toy seems just so exciting.

  • Soft Plush

    This product is made up of extraordinarily soft and cozy plush. The advantage is that it is very much hug-able for children. When children hold the toy in their arms, they feel its warmth and comfort.

  • Safe Toy

    It is a safe toy as there is no danger that kids can swallow its parts. Toys having such small parts, for example blocks or tiny action figures, need some elderly person to attend the children while playing. With this toy kids can play on their own for a long time. The toy is unbreakable as it is a soft stuffed toy, so there is no risk of children hurting themselves. This product is user-friendly and safe as children cannot hurt themselves even if they hit one another with this toy.

  • Washable

    It is made up of washable soft fur. So children can keep these toys with them while eating their food or when going to play on the playground or outdoors. On washing they get perfectly clean looking again. .

  • Portable Toys

    Children can take them everywhere they want to. They are light weight and can easily be handled by holding it from either their ears or anywhere they want.

  • Attractive Look

    Toys are made with beautiful colors which make kids fall in love with them. None of them are single colored. Some have dots while others are decorated with bright and amazing patterns.

  • Black Eyes

    All toys have two black eyes, which are made hard so that they look like real eyes. These eyes give the toys a level of authenticity.

  • Big And Happy Smiles

    FLipazoo toys are made with big smiles, which make kids love them all the more. The smiles are authentic and make the characters look happy.

  • Available In Different Combos

    Eight different styles are available that kids can flip into 16 different fun characters. They are Husky to Polar Bear, Cat to Mouse, Unicorn to Dragon, Giraffe to Hippo, Elephant to Tiger, Hedgehog to Turtle, Gator to Grizzly Bear, Bulldog to Orange Cat. Each animal combination is of two colors. There is no single animal which is of one color only. The animals have different features like horns, eyes, legs, depending on the animal which they are representing.

  • Different Sizes

    Flipazoo toys are available in three different sizes. Jumbo sized are more like the real animals, and are perfect if your child needs a hug-able companion. Little flipZee is smaller and easier to flip. The best thing about this one is that it is small enough that it can be kept in a pocket so it is greatly liked by kids.

  • Durable

    The toy does not get damaged easily. It is very durable and withstands quite a lot of wear and tear. Kids can play with it for as long as they like, the toy will become as good as new when it is washed. The toys do not lose their color easily. They will retain their sharp, bright look for a very long time.

  • Stitching

    The stitching on these toys is very strong and durable. It will not come undone with ease. This means that children can play as roughly as they want; no harm will come to the toy.


  1. Fun To Play With.

    Children can throw it on each other thus making more fun.

  2. Pillow Like Use

    It can act as a wonderful pillow for kids. They can put their head on it and use it for simulated pillow fights.

  3. Saves Money

    It is two in one toy saving money for two toys.

  4. Does Not Let Kids Get Bored

    When kids are bored with one toy, they can reveal the other one and thus the wonder is renewed.

  5. Group Play

    Kids feel great while showing it to their friends. Multiple children can play with the toys together, thus making it easier for children to make friends and have fun at parties.

  6. Storytelling

    It can act as a storytelling tool. As someone tells a story, children can play with the toys about which the story is being told. This makes story-time all the more fun and an interactive activity. .

  7. Perfect As Presents

    FlipaZoo animals are a good choice for gifts for kids of all ages.

How It Works

Holding the toy and flipping it makes one layer of the toy to cover the other end. Grabbing it from one end, the toy cloth can be pulled to the other end. This results in the new character being revealed.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Hold.

    Kids just hold the toy in their hands.

  2. Flip

    Flipping the toy reveals its new shape and character. Easy to flip design makes easier for kids to change from one animal to another without asking help from an elder. .


Flipazoo provides good value for money as it is durable and children love playing with it.


  • Plush Elephant

    This can also be used as a pillow as it is large in size and very soft. However, it cannot be flipped.

  • Switch A Rooz/owl Fox Plush

    Very soft, reveals two animals and is highly detailed. There are other animals in this range, too. .

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