Flex Seal

Flex Seal is an aerosol spray that can be used to seal cracks and holes and acts as a protective coating when applied to virtually any surface. It is suitable for use indoors or outdoors, and will keep out water, excessive wind, and excessive amounts of noise. This solution, which sprays on as a thick liquid and changes into a flexible rubber as it dries, comes in the original shades of clear, black, and "brite," plus nine vibrant colours.

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By using Flex Seal, you'll be able to make objects look better and brighter while protecting them from damage at the same time. Flex Seal's protective coating can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions, including summer heat and winter's chilliness without breaking down. One application of this solution will protect an object for years.

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The cost of Flex Seal is $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $29.94.

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  • Comes In Spray Can

    Flex Seal comes in a spray can, and just one shot of the solution will cover most objects.

  • Portable

    Each spray can of this solution is 14 ounces in size, making it compact enough to be carried with you wherever you choose, such as the cottage or a friend's home.

  • Protects Against Corrosion

    Besides filling cracks or holes and reducing the level of noise and vibrations impacting an object, Flex Seal also protects surfaces from corrosion. Therefore, it's especially useful on surfaces that are likely to rust.


  1. Inside The Home

    Inside your home, Flex Seal can be used to spruce up dull-looking furniture, doors, and trim, and to fill leaks in or near items such as toilets or sinks.

  2. Out In The Yard

    You may wish to apply this protective coating to your roof so it won't leak, and to your siding so it won't rust. In addition to making them look more colourful, Flex Seal will also protect outdoor decorative features such as birdbaths and groupings of patio stones from water damage.

  3. For Arts And Crafts

    You'll be able to use this solution as an alternative to paint or glue when completing art projects and crafts. Along with making your crafts look good and holding them together, it'll also protect them from future damage so they'll likely last longer than they otherwise would.

How It Works

As you spray Flex Seal onto a surface, it comes out as a thick liquid, coating that surface in its entirety and seeping into any cracks or holes. When you step back to let it dry, it'll turn into flexible rubber that can be moved or bent while still protecting the surface underneath.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Select A Colour

    Choose the colour of Flex Seal that you'd like to use on a particular object you want to treat and protect.

  2. Spray

    Use the aerosol spray can to spray the object with one shot of the solution, aiming the bottle at different points of the object so that you cover the entire thing.

  3. Wait A Few Minutes

    Once you've covered the entire object with the spray-on mixture, wait a few minutes for it to dry and turn into protective liquid rubber.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Where Can You Use Flex Seal?

    Flex Seal has been designed for use around the house and yard, but you can use it virtually anywhere. It can even be applied to wet surfaces ( or surfaces that may get wet in the future ) just as effectively as dry ones.

  • Does It Restrict Object Use?

    Applying this mixture to an object won't affect what you can do with the object, since the protective mixture is bendable and flexible once dry.

  • What Colours Does It Come In?

    Besides the three original shades listed above, this solution comes in nine vibrant colours, including white, silver, terra cotta, yellow, red, blue, brown, almond, and green.

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