Fiberfix is a specialized putty tape that can fix basically anything, including broken water lines, broken barriers, and broken bench presses. It is strong, durable, and lasts forever. Fiberfix comes in an airtight pouch and can be used to fix more than one item, but it needs to be cut with scissors to do so. Fiberfix is water activated, so the user needs to fully submerge it in water for it to start hardening. Once it has been sitting in the water for 2-3 minutes, it can be used to wrap the broken area at hand. It then needs to be allowed about 5-10 minutes to fully cure. 

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With Fiberfix, you can fix just about anything! If it’s broken, fix it with Fiberfix! Fiberfix is an amazing tape that goes above and beyond any other kind of tape. In fact, it is 100 times stronger than duct tape! Fiberfix is great for fixing broken water lines, broken barriers, and even broken bench presses. It’s been tested against these items with incredible success. Fiberfix is water activated and will begin to harden instantly when fully submerged in water. Simply submerge it in a full container of water for 2-3 minutes, wrap the broken area at hand with the Fiberfix tape, and allow 5-10 minutes for it to fully cure. 

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The cost of Fiberfix is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Fiberfix by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $35.85.

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  • As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank
  • Hardens like steel
  • 100 times stronger than duct tape
  • Water activated Once
  • placed over the break, will begin to harden
  • Comes sealed in an airtight pouch
  • Can be cut into smaller pieces before it hardens
  • No special tools required
  • Once hardened, can be sanded and painted
  • Sticks to everything but air or water
  • Heat and cold resistant


  1. Barrier
  2. Water line
  3. Bench press

How it works

Fiberfix is water activated. Once it is fully submerged in water, it will harden in about 2-3 minutes. Exactly how long it takes to harden depends on the temperature and how wet the tape gets. No tools are required to use Fiberfix. It is meant to repair pretty much anything except for human bones.

How to use it

  1. Submerge in water and give it a few minutes to fully harden
  2. Wrap the broken area with the Fiberfix tape Allow 5-10 minutes for it to fully cure 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I use FiberFix to repair more than one item?

FiberFix is a single use repair wrap. It comes sealed in an airtight pouch. The resin begins to harden instantly when it comes in contact with moisture. Although we recommend you get it wet before applying it to speed the curing time, there is enough moisture in the air to activate the resin so you cannot open the pouch and use some of the tape now and save the rest for a different repair.

How long does FiberFix take to fully harden?

The time it takes to harden depends on two major factors 1) the temperature and 2) how wet you get the tape. At 72 degrees Fahrenheit FiberFix that has been full submerged in water will harden in about 2-3 minutes. This gives you enough time to complete the wrapping process. After 5-10 minutes FiberFix is mostly cured and you can usually resume normal activities. High heat will drastically accelerate the curing process and extreme cold will drastically slow down the curing process.

Can I cut FiberFix into smaller pieces?

Yes before FiberFix Hardens you can cut it with Scissors but be warned some of the resin will probably get on the scissors and you will want to wipe it clean before the resin hardens. The tape comes in 3 different widths specifically to help eliminate the need for cutting. Rather than cutting a 4-inch width roll, try using two 2-inch width rolls or instead of one 2-inch try using two 1-inch rolls.

Do you need any special tools to apply FiberFix?

No tools are required. The box will include a pair of latex gloves we recommend that you use gloves when handling the tape. FiberFix is non-toxic but it is meant to be a permanent repair solution so the resin will permanently stay on your hands and cloths if you are not careful handling it.

How do I remove FiberFix?

Good Luck! We have tried a variety of methods for removing FiberFix. We have ground it off with a bench grinder, burned it off with an acetylene torch, turned it off with a lathe cut it off with a chainsaw, blown it off with dynamite etc but unfortunately we cannot really recommend any of these methods because they will most-likely destroy whatever you are trying to remove FiberFix from. The best policy is to make sure you mean it before you fiberfix it.

Can I use FiberFix as a cast in an Emergency?

No, FiberFix is meant to repair just about everything but human bones. It is much stronger than orthopedic casting tape so will be much harder to remove when you eventually want it to come off. Casts should be applied by medical professionals who know what they are doing.

Can I use FiberFix as Patch?

FiberFix works better as a wrap than a patch but can be used as a patch. We will be releasing a FiberFix soon! Follow us on facebook and twitter for updates on new products.

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