Feather Whirl

The Feather Whirl is an interactive cat toy that spins around in random directions in order to attract the attention of your cat. This toy is meant to help stimulate your cat’s natural predatory instincts, initiating play and physical activity. It has a circular base, giving it the flexibility to be titled all around while still landing upright after tugging. Your cat can safely chew, tug, claw and pull at this toy as it is made from BPA plastic.

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Give your cat something new to play with that will engage all of his senses. The Feather Whirl is a completely automatic cat toy, which means you will not have to lift a finger to ensure your kitty gets the stimulation he or she needs. Instead, you can enjoy watching them as they catch and release the Feather Whirl.

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The cost of Feather Whirl is $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $29.9.

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  • Programmed Rotating Base
  • This battery operated cat toy has a programmed rotating base. It not only allows it to be flexible while your kitty plays, but also continues to spin in randomized directions. The program in the Feather Whirl ensures the pattern of the spin is different every time to mimic a prey’s movements.

  • Quiet Motor
  • While this toy is automatic and battery operated, it has a quiet motor. This means you will not be bothered by the noise each time your cat plays with the Feather Whirl. A quiet motor also helps keep your cat interested in the toy.


  1. Automatic Play Time
  2. Use this toy whenever you are unable to play with your cat, but they are in a playful mood. Since it is fully automatic, no further assistance will be required from you other than to turn the toy on.

  3. Entertainment
  4. Since most cat parents enjoy watching their fury children play, this toy can offer a fun opportunity to watch your cat tug and bite at a fictional prey. Children and adults alike can enjoy the view as kitty swats away at his or her new toy.

How It Works

A programmed automatic motor moves in random patterns, which whirls the feather fixture in different directions. The rounded base allows for agility while your cat swats and pulls at this toy from all directions.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place It On The Floor
  2. Place the Weather Whirl on the floor next to your cat. Allow your pet to get familiar with the toy before turning it on.

  3. Turn It On
  4. Turn on the toy and watch your cat play.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • What Color Is It?
  • The Feather Whirl has multiple colors. It has a base that is green and purple, while the stick attaching the feather to the base is black. Its feather is beige with some black accents.

  • What About The Patterns?
  • This automatic toy uses different patterns every time it whirls. Thus, your cat stays entertained since he never knows which direction the feather will whirl in.

  • Will It Break?
  • The Feather Whirl is made of durable plastic and is made to withstand the bites and tugs associated with kitty play.

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