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The Exstatic Hairbrush by Fuller is a battery powered beauty product that makes hair fuller, shinier, smoother, and healthier with each use. The brush uses ion technology to eliminate frizzies, flyaways, and static. It does all this and keeps your hair clean between washing because the brush attracts dirt and buildup, trapping it in the head. The brush can be cleaned by popping off the push button head and shaking the debris free. It can be taken anywhere because it’s size is compact. You can try it for 30 days for the price of $9.95 plus shipping. If you decide you are not satisfied, return the product and pay nothing more.

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The EXstatic Hairbrush by Fuller works on all types of hair. Whether your hair is thin, thick, or frizzy, this brush will make your hair look great. It smooths static, frizzies, and flyaways, and leaves your hair smooth instantly. It works using millions of ions that will keep your hair looking healthy, and also clean your hair when you brush it. Dirt is attracted to the brush, where it is trapped and removed from you hair. It’s guaranteed to never cause your hair to frizz or fray. The push button head pops out for easy cleaning. Try it for 30 days for $9.95 + shipping and handling. If you aren’t pleased, send it back and pay nothing more.

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The cost of Exstatic Hairbrush is $39.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • The Exstatic Hairbrush makes thin hair appear fuller.
  • It makes thick hair more manageable.
  • It protects your hair from static.
  • It eliminates frizzies and flyaways.
  • It gives your hair intense shine.
  • It makes your hair softer instantly.
  • It makes your hair cleaner by trapping dust and dirt particles in the brush.


  1. Use it to make your thin hair look fuller and healthier.
  2. Use it to gain control of thick, unmanageable hair.
  3. Use it to give your hair greater shine.
  4. Use it reduce and prevent static.
  5. Use it to tame flyaways and frizzies.
  6. Use it to make your hair softer.
  7. Use it between washes to keep your hair looking clean.

How it works

The Exstatic Hairbrush by Fuller is battery powered. Turn it on and listen as millions of ions whoosh through the bristles. The ion technology eliminates static in your hair, and gives your hair a softness and shine. It works on all hair types.

How to use it

  1. Insert the batteries into your Exstatic Hairbrush.
  2. Turn the brush on.
  3. Run the brush through dry hair for softness and shine.
  4. Use on any hair type.
  5. Turn the brush off when done.
  6. Pop the push button head off for cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I clean it?

Remove the bristle pad by pushing the release button on the top of the brush. Remove the hair from the brush pad. Clean the bristle pad with warm water. Allow the insert to fully dry before placing it back in the handle. If necessary, wipe the surface of appliance with a slightly damp cloth and a small amount of mild cleaning agent. Dry the appliance thoroughly. Do not place the handle under running water.

Can I use the Exstatic Brush on children’s hair?

Yes.This product is advanced enough to handle hair on persons of any age.

Can I use the Exstatic Brush on permed or color treated hair?

Yes. But be careful when using regularly as the high temperature can damage your hair.

Can I use styling products such as gel, mousse or hairspray with the Exstatic Brush?

Yes. But be sure they have dried before use.

Does the Exstatic Brush work on all types of hair?

Yes. The Exstatic Brush will work with any type of hair.

Can I use the Exstatic Brush daily?

Yes. You will see the best results if used daily.

Can I take the Exstatic Brush on an airplane?

Please contact your individual airline for detailed information.

Does it take batteries?

Yes. 2 AAA batteries, not included.

Can you use it on wet hair?

No, please allow your hair to dry thoroughly before use.

What are ions?

An ion is either a molecule or an atom that has lost or gained an electron. A negative ion is a molecule that has gained an electron. The negative ion attempts to neutralize itself by getting rid of an atom, and in the meantime it reacts with surrounding materials. Negative ions emitted by an ionic hair brush react directly with the hair.

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