Effortless is an all-new product that will help you to make the perfect bed in no time at all. If you have struggled in the past to get your bed looking good, this is the product that will help you out. Thanks to its wrinkle-resistant material, you an be sure that you will find making your bed so much easier, every single time. What’s more is you’ll also come away with cornered sheets and a bed that looks so good.

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This product claims to be the solution to your bed making needs. You won’t have to put up with an unkempt bed any more. What’s more is you won’t have to struggle for ages to get your bed looking good, as Effortless will make it so much easier every time.

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The cost of Effortless is $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Effortless by paying the extra shipping fee of $9.95 for a total price of $39.85.

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  • Wrinkle Resistant Material
  • We all know that regular bedding can become wrinkled and creased, but those wrinkles could be a thing of the past. This product is made up of wrinkle resistant material which ensures your bedding still looks good in the morning.

  • Hypo-allergenic Material
  • If you’re sensitive to certain fabrics and dust mites, you’ll be pleased to know that Effortless is made from hypo-allergenic material which ensures you get a better nights’ sleep.

  • Top Sheet, Pillow Cases and More
  • Effortless not only comes with a patented top sheet, but it also comes with 2 pillow cases and a bottom sheet too. This means you have a complete bed set that you can use whenever you like.


  1. Great For Those Who Wriggle
  2. If you find that you wriggle a lot during the night, you could be used to making your bed every morning. This product will help to keep everything in place with ease.

  3. Use On Any Bed
  4. Effortless can be used on just about any double bed, which means more people can benefit from all that it has to offer.

  5. Ideal If Bed Making Is Hard
  6. If you find yourself struggling to make your bed because you’re in pain, or because of limited mobility, this product could make a real difference every morning.

How It Works

Thanks to its wrinkle resistant material and the fitted sheets, this product will keep your bedding in place, no matter how much you move about at night. Available in 5 different colors, and made to keep you cool, Effortless will make sleeping and waking less of a chore.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Take Off Your Regular Bedding
  2. Remove the pillows, bottom sheet and top sheet. Replace with Effortless and see how easy your bed is to make.

  3. Make Your Bed In Less Time
  4. You should find that making your bed takes less time and is easier too, thanks to this great new product.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • What Else Does It Do?
  • This product also helps to keep the sheets almost exactly where they were when you climbed into bed. When you wake in the morning you will find that your bed is no longer a mess.

  • How Does It Stay In Place?
  • The bottom sheet is fitted, which means it automatically stays in place no matter how much you wriggle.

  • What About Large Beds?
  • Effortless is perfect for large beds thanks to the stretch and snap design, which helps you to make your bed in no time at all.

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