Dutch Glow

Dutch Glow is a wooden furniture polish specifically designed to remove wax buildup as well as prevent future residue such as wax and finger prints from building up. Dutch Glow is based on a 100 year old formula invented by the Amish woodworkers. It can work on any type of wood in the home and mostly any surface. Dutch Glow can also be used on kitchen cabinets to reveal their natural beauty and eliminate grease, fingerprints, and smoke stains. When compared with other furniture polishes on the market, it is more powerful against dust and dirt. Dutch Glow cleans, polishes, and nourishes.

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With Dutch Glow, you can reveal the natural beauty in the wood around your home in just a matter of seconds. Dutch Glow is based on a 100 year old Amish formula that beats out any other furniture polish on the market because it prevents wax buildup, dirt and dust, fingerprints, and more from building up on surfaces. Water rings are really just wax built up over time, but Dutch Glow easily removes them while other furniture polishes can’t. It’s made with simple ingredients that go above and beyond what they are intended to do. Dutch Glow works on any wood finish as well as kitchen cabinets.

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  • Amish wood milk made by the Amish people
  • Based on a 100 year old Amish woodworker’s formula
  • Can work on any woodwork in the home
  • Contains simple ingredients
  • Breaks down years worth of wax buildup, revealing the wood’s natural glow
  • Most water rings are actually a discoloration in wax buildup, which can be removed by Dutch Glow
  • Works on any wood finish
  • Used by real cleaning companies
  • Wax buildup leaves a sticky residue that attracts both dirt and dust


  1. Replacement for other furniture polishes that only add to the problem of wax buildup
  2. Cleans
  3. Polishes
  4. Nourishes
  5. Breaks down years of wax buildup
  6. Completely replenishes antiques
  7. Removes water rings
  8. Removes cooking grease, smoke stains, and finger prints that build up over time on kitchen cabinets
  9. Helps to repel dust

How it works

Dutch Glow contains a simple 100 year old formula invented by Amish woodworkers.

How to use it

  1. Spray on wood surfaces around the home
  2. Wipe away with a rag 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I use Dutch Glow on any wooden surface?

Yes, Dutch Glow works on any wood surface, even painted.

Is there a guarantee with Dutch Glow?

Yes. Dutch Glow comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

How much does Dutch Glow cost?

Dutch Glow costs just $10 plus $7.95 shipping and processing.

Where can I order Dutch Glow from?

You can order your very own Dutch Glow directly from the official website.

Why should I buy this product?

There is no reason not to buy this product! Dutch Glow prevents dust and debris from building up on wood surfaces and reveals its natural beauty as well.

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Address: N/A
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Eastern Time
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-855-721-3351
Email: dutchglow@customerstatus.com 
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The One That Does the Cleaning in the Home

Diane Baldwin | San Diego, CA | 21 Oct 2015

I just received my dutch glow today and the spray nozzle does not work. I pumped it over 100 times and put a toothpick in the end to clear it it still does not work.

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