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Ordinary couch covers are lacklustre, and are hard to put on- nearly impossible to handle. These covers are ineffective when it comes to protecting the furniture from liquid stains and pet scratches. Couch Coat totally eradicates these problems. This means, your couches are now protected against accidental stains and dirt. Moreover, the elegant multi-sided covering will virtually matching every environment. Amazingly, there are 2 versions of this product. The other version, which is also known as the ‘Deluxe Version’ is double quilted. This couch-cover provides double protection and also enhances the look of your couch.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, Couch Coat is a twin-sided coat / cover for the protection of couches. This couch-cover has been designed with special focus on daily life problems pertaining to couches such as pets’ damage, color fade and accumulation of dirt. It is made of microfiber material and comprises of two usable sides.

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The cost of Couch Coat is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.

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  • Fits Every Shape

    This couch cover is designed with a special shape to ensure that if fits all types of couches. It needs no telling that couches come in a variety of shapes. The couch cover has been specially designed to compliment the physique of every type of couch.

  • Large Size: Fits All Couches

    The cover comes designed in a standard size of 92 inches. This means, it can fit every possible size of couch. If you own a large couch or sofa, this product will be able to cover it easily. This feature does not rule out small or medium sized couches. The extra lengths get hidden behind the endings of couch, covering your small couches in the same way it would otherwise cover the large ones.

  • Covers Couch Handles

    This cover comes with properly designed extensions for covering the arms and other resting parts of the couch. While drinking, you are most likely to rest your arm on the sofa rests, which increases the risk of staining the armrest of couch with wine / alcohol spills. Couch Coat’s special armrest extensions protect those parts of your sofa against such stains and damage.

  • Two Sides- Two Colors

    This couch cover comes with both the sides coated with microfiber quilted cloth. One side is brown in color, while the other one is of cream colored. Two sides together double the advantages. Elegant brown and cream color allow the coat to reconcile with almost every environment.

  • Machine Washable

    With the machine washable feature of the Couch Coat, you can forget about the hassles of cleaning and handling your couch. The protection layer of couch cover can be easily washed in mechanical devices such as washing machines. This feature has revolutionized the maintenance of couches. You don’t need to worry about manhandling your couch and bringing them out to the open areas for washing. Just layer it with the coat, and when needed, wash the coat in machines to clean it.

  • Comfortable

    One of the best features of this product is that it does not decrease the coziness and well-being of the sofa, rather it adds more to the comfort originally provided. The quilted coating has been specially designed to provide extra comfort and cozy feel to the one sitting on the sofa. You can even sleep with more comfort on you couches once they are layered with this cover.

  • Portable

    This couch cover is portable, and hence easy to handle. You can pack it in your luggage and carry it along in case you are travelling afar.

  • Overlapping Backflaps

    This couch cover comes designed with overlapping backflaps to hold the cover firmly in its place. The overlapping backflaps serve as anchors and allow the covering layer to have a firm grip of the sofa surface.


  1. Scratch Protection.

    Couches are often prone to damage, especially in a house with pets. Couch Coat solves this universal issue. The quilted micro-fiber covering does not let animal fur or the sharp pet claws to reach the original surface of the couch. If you plan to buy an expensive couch and own pets, the Deluxe Coat will provide double protection to your luxurious couch.

  2. Prevents Liquid Stains

    Accidental liquid spills causing stains on furniture is a very common domestic issue. Accidentally dropping tea or spilling wine on your sofa can permanently damage the look of the furniture. This product takes away all your worries regarding this issue with a coating that does not let liquid drops to pass through. You can now easily eat and drink sitting on you couch, without having to worry about dropping anything on the couch.

  3. Protection From Dirt

    The quilted coating of the covering absorbs dust for later cleaning. This feature comes in handy especially when you have construction works going in your house, making the atmosphere full of dust and dirt. All you need to do is to just cover the sofa with the Couch Coat. This coat will absorb all the dust and you can clean the cover later. It makes the maintenance of couch extremely easy, for the cleaning of the cover is very easy unlike the cleaning and handling of the sofa itself.

  4. Gives New Look To Old Couches

    An additional bonus feature in addition to the protection layer is the beautiful new look for the old worn out couches. The beautiful quilted multi-colored layer gives the couches a new stunning appearance.

How It Works

Quilted microfiber coating traps all the dirt and droppings, not allowing them to reach the surface of the sofa. The cover can even bear rough animal scratches and capture pet fur. It also protects your couch from nearly all sorts of other damages. During rough conditions, it captures all the dust. Later on, you can wash off the dirt from the cover through washing machines easily, rather than manhandling the couch itself laboriously.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Cover The Couch.

    Install the coat with the help of overlapping backflaps. Anchor the cover properly so that it completely covers the couch.

  2. Keep It Put

    Let the cover lay and protect your couch for you.

  3. Remove And Wash When Required

    When the protection layer requires cleaning, you can easily wash it in a machine. Put in on again after washing.


This product has received a very positive response from the market. That’s because it focuses on one of the major domestic problems. One of the users replied as “With Couch Coat, we never have to worry about the dog ruining the couch with his dirty paws, or his hair shedding, or the odour. €.

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