Copper Wear Tape

Copper Wear Tape is a copper-infused, flexible and adhesive support fabric that provides users with additional support for their ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders and other joints. This support fabric is designed to provide compression and support for sore muscles, tendons and day-to-day injuries such as sprains, strains or joint stiffness. Copper Wear Tape is comfortable and breathable; with moisture releasing channels integrated into the adhesive backing to keep sweat build up from displacing the support fabric, so the fabric moves with you.

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Copper Wear Tape is a durable support fabric capable of withstanding use during time spent in the water, athletic competition, or the build up of sweat. It is infused with the vital trace element copper, increasing its potential to ease the pain caused by average, day-to-day injuries such as strains / sprains.

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  • Copper Infusion

    Copper Wear Tape is infused with 88% copper in order to provide the additional health benefit of the trace element.


  1. In Water

    The Copper Wear Tape has a strong adhesive that makes it possible to use in the water for activities such as swimming.

  2. Athletic Events/competitions

    This durable support tape can withstand several hours of intense exercise so that it can be used by athletes playing intense sports like basketball and soccer.

  3. Pain Relief

    Copper Wear Tape provides compression and support for pain relief in minor injuries, or over-used joints.

How It Works

When Copper Wear Tape is used appropriately it provides pain relief and additional joint support through a combination of applying compression and providing direct skin contact with the infused copper. The adhesive backing of the Copper Wear Tape insures that the support fabric does not come loose or fall off during use.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Decide Where It Is Best To Apply It

    Before beginning the use of the Copper Wear Tape, users should decide where it would be most effective to place it. Placing the tape directly over an injured joint or sore muscle is most effective.

  2. Peel It

    Peel the protective backing off of the adhesive side of the compression fabric.

  3. Stretch It

    Stretch the support fabric until it is taut so that it will stay in place more effectively, and cover the maximum potential area.

  4. Place It

    After removing the backing and stretching the support fabric to the appropriate tautness, apply it to the injured or sore area. Rub the length of the fabric along your skin to make sure that it is firmly in place.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Does It Have Copper?

    The adhesive side of the support fabric is infused with deposits of copper.

  • Are The Strips Of Copper Wear Tape Pre-cut?

    Copper Wear Tape comes in pre-cut pieces, and are one-size-fits-all.

  • Do They Come In Different Colors?

    Copper Wear Tape is available in two different colors; nude and black.

  • Why Is Copper An Important Element Of The Design?

    Copper is widely known to be a vital trace element that all living organisms require.

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