Comfort Click Belt

Comfort click is a ratchet belt made from genuine leather that promises to “fit every time, all the time. ” It uses what the company calls a “Micro Precision Track System” instead of the standard holes of traditional leather belts to keep it into place. With this system, all you have to do is slide the belt in, and it will click into place; giving you a perfect and comfortable fit all day long. If you are tired of the old belts with loops that are too tight or too loose, then Comfort Click is the belt for you to end all these hassles for a guaranteed fit.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

According to the infomercial, with Comfort Click, you won’t have to worry about stretching the belt if you are in between 28 to 48 inches in waist size. The company also claims that Comfort Click’s genuine leather won’t get worn and stretched out very quickly and the durable stitching won’t start to come off. This saves you from the embarrassment and horror of wearing a belt that can’t really be worn in public.

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The cost of Comfort Click Belt is $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $24.98.

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Buyer Beware!

Comfort Click appears to be of a good design, but there is not enough information available online to determine the quality of the belt. All we know is that it is made from genuine leather, but that doesn’t tell us if this type of leather is strong or if the durable stitching will hold for a very long time. Also, the website that sells the product doesn’t look that well designed and is the same generic website design used by many companies that make As Seen on TV products. You will only find the information they need you to see in order to get you to make the purchase, but none of your questions will be answered ( no faq ).


  • Unique Ratcheting System

    Traditional belts have holes every inch which can be a bit of a hassle to get them to fit at times. On the other hand, Comfort Click uses a micro-adjustable 32 position ratcheting track system that easily slides the belt in and out of place. This system clicks it into position when the desired track is reached and keeps it in place all day long for maximum comfort.

  • Easily Adjustable

    Comfort click has a quick release lever that allows you to adjust the belt with ease when your waistline shifts when sitting or standing. This feature even comes in handy when your waistline shifts after a satisfying meal and you need a little room to breath.

  • Gun Mental Buckle

    Comfort Click also features a buckle that is made of high quality steel and zinc alloy that is tough and keeps the belt into place. It is guaranteed to last for a very long time without breaking on you and leaving you with a useless belt that you have to replace.

  • It Has No Holes

    Since Comfort Click has no holes, you don’t need to worry when you go up or down a waste size. The belt can easily be adjusted so you don’t go through the process of making new holes that can weaken the integrity of the leather and cause the sticking to come off. This also saves you money as you don’t have to replace a belt that no longer fits you.

  • Classic Look

    The belt features a classic look that can be worn on any occasion and can go with any outfit in your closet that requires a belt. From jeans to shorts, Comfort Click will give a clean and sophisticated look.


  1. Support For Pants.

    Like any other belt, Comfort Click can be used to hold up your pants so they don’t slide down on you as you go about your day. This belt is ideal especially when your pants aren’t the perfect waist size.

  2. Style

    Belts don’t only serve a practical purpose; they can also be worn simple as a fashion accessory to complete your look, as some outfits look better with a belt attached.

How It Works

The company hasn’t given much information about how the micro-adjustable 32 position ratcheting track system actually works. However, looking at similar ratchet belts on the market can give us a good idea. These types of belts work by having teeth underneath them that go through a specially designed belt buckle with a magnet underneath that locks a metal peg in place when the desired track is reached.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put It On.

    Loop the belt around your waist, and then insert the tip of the belt into the buckle until you hear the click.

  2. Adjust

    After the end is in, slide the belt in or out to adjust the belt until the desired track is reached. You will hear clicks as the teeth of the track come in contact with the metal peg of the locking mechanism.

  3. Click

    When the track is reached, click to lock the metal peg into place so the belt doesn’t continue to slide. This will give you a perfect and comfortable fit.


As per research, the Comfort Click belt doesn’t seem to be selling on any of the major online retail stores, and hence, is lacking any credible user reviews and opinions. This makes it a bit hard to verify whether it does what the company claims, or if the belt is a complete scam. However, looking at similar belts online, like the Dockers Men’s Comfort Click to Fit Belt, these ratcheting belts seem to do their job and many people are having success while using them. Positive reviews tend to compliment the belts for the lack of holes and ease of use, especially when it comes to adjusting the belt to deal with a shifting waistline. The negative reviews put the ratcheting systems at fault for being flimsy, and breaking after a few months of use, even though they are supposed to last a year with regular use. This leaves them with a useless belt, especially if the buckle is not removable, and when replacement parts aren’t available.


  • Mission Belt

    Mission Belt is another belt with a ratcheting system that makes for a good alternative to the Comfort Click. The belt features a solid design, genuine leather, release lever, and a removable belt buckle. It is also guaranteed to be a perfect fit every time. The biggest advantage of the Mission belt over the Comfort Click is the removable belt buckle. This comes handy under a number of scenarios, like replacing a broken buckle, passing through airport security or adjusting the size of the belt to make it smaller.

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