Color Recover

Color Recover is a spray-on product for both men and women that will enable you to cover up your gray roots, if you dye your hair. It comes in a spray bottle that has a comb attached, and once you spray the solution, you’ll then need to use this comb to run it through your roots. It’s quick and easy to apply Color Recover at home, so you won’t need to visit a salon as often.

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When you use this product, you’ll look much more attractive, as your hair will be the same shade throughout, with no ugly roots poking through. Without gray roots, you’ll appear up to 10 years younger. Once you use the product, your hair will also have a healthy shine, as the solution will develop a shine as it dries. All of these benefits can be accomplished at home in minutes, and some users will only require a few strokes of the comb applicator to cover all the gray up.

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  • Four Different Shades
  • Color Recover comes in four different shades. One is best suited for hair dyed light brown or blonde, another for hair dyed red, one for dark brown, and yet another for black. Therefore, it will naturally blend in with virtually all colored hair.

  • Won’t Stain
  • After you’ve applied Color Recover, it won’t stain, smear, or flake. That means it won’t dirty your pillows as you sleep or soil your clothing as you go about your day. It won’t even drip as you engage in strenuous exercise.

  • Dries Instantly
  • Once applied, Color Recover starts drying instantly and dries very quickly, so you won’t have to wait around for a long time after you’ve finished applying it.


  1. Covering Gray
  2. If you naturally have gray hair, but are dying it another color to cover it up, it’s clear that gray roots will start showing up at some point. Fortunately, Color Recover will cover up gray roots anywhere on your head, while blending well with your existing hair dye.

    How It Works

    As you apply your Color Recover to your hair, it’s extreme, pinpointed accuracy will target only the roots, ensuring that they’re fully covered. The scalp protector will ensure that the solution is fully blended into your hair so that the root coverage is natural-looking.

    How to Use (Step by Step)

    1. Spray Solution
    2. To start using Color Recover, touch the applicator comb to your hair’s roots and give it a spray.

    3. Comb Through
    4. Comb the solution through your roots with the applicator. As you do so, the applicator will collect any excess dye.

    5. Let It Dry
    6. After combing, let your Color Recover dry, which will only take about five minutes.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    • Who Can Use Color Recover?
    • People of both genders, regardless of their natural hair color or the shade they dye their hair, can use Color Recover to touch up their roots.

    • How Big Is Each Bottle?
    • Each spray bottle of Color Recover isn’t tiny, but it is small enough to be carried in a large handbag, your backpack, or a suitcase.

    • Will The Product Damage Hair?
    • Color Recover is unlikely to damage or irritate your hair or scalp. It is gentle on both hair and skin; plus, it’s free of potentially harmful chemicals like ammonia and parabens.

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