Canada Green

Canada Green is a hybrid type of grass seed originally engineered in Canada, a region that experiences a wide variety of temperatures ( from 100 degrees Fahrenheit down to 40 below ). Due to this biological engineering, it's able to withstand extreme heat, extreme cold, and drought, regardless of where it's planted. In one bag of Canada Green, you'll get enough seed to cover 2000 square feet of grass, and you can either spread the seed manually or use a spreader.

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Instead of drying out and turning brown like many other varieties of grass, grass that grows from Canada Green seed will stay green all year round, even underneath snow. It'll also withstand heavy foot traffic, such as that which comes from humans and dogs. When used on golf courses, it is even able to tolerate being driven over by carts without losing its lush appearance.

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  • Crowds Out Weeds

    Besides being able to retain its healthy green shade all year round, Canada Green's unique formula enables it to crowd out weeds as it grows.

  • Bug-resistant

    This grass seed's formula also makes it unattractive to bugs, so you won't have as many insects as usual buzzing around, chewing on your lawn and ruining its good looks.


  1. Lawns

    Canada Green is an ideal choice for virtually any lawn, especially one that's frequently trampled on by kids and pets playing and / or passed over by bicycles, wagons or wheelbarrows. People who live in dry areas or areas with a long winter season will also find its hardiness especially beneficial.

  2. Golf Courses

    Before being offered to the general public, this grass seed was used to cover golf courses in Canada and the United States. At these courses, its appearance after growth remained virtually unaffected by the feet and machines that frequently crossed it.

How It Works

Since Canada Green was engineered in Canada, where such a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures are present throughout the year, scientists developed the resilience needed within it to withstand almost any climatic conditions. Therefore, regardless of where you plant it in the United States, from the warmth of the South to the relative chilliness of the North, it'll thrive without becoming brown and dry.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spread Seed

    Spread Canada Green as you would any standard grass seed, either by using your hands or a non-electronic lawn spreader.

  2. Enjoy Your Lawn

    After you've waited five or 10 days for your grass to sprout, you can sit back ( or get active! ) and enjoy your new green canopy in the sun or in the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How Long Does It Take To Grow?

    Canada Green will start growing in as little as five days and after 10 days, you can expect to have a lush, green area of grass wherever you've planted the seed.

  • How Many Bags Do You Need?

    This depends on the size of your lawn. Each bag contains enough seed to be spread over 2000 square feet of land, so if you have a small backyard, you may only need one bag, while you'll need several for a larger yard.

  • Does It Last For Only A Year?

    You do not need to reseed your lawn with Canada Green each and every year. One round of seeding should last for multiple seasons, and the grass should maintain its attractiveness over time.

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