Brightlings are amazing plush dolls that say over 100 words and phrases, repeat what you say and sing for you. These dolls are highly interactive with faces that light up when they talk in very cute and silly voices that have personality. Kids can have hours of fun chatting with them, recording messages for each other, and singing along in one of the six different singing styles that the dolls can sing in. The toy can entertain adults too.

Infomercial As Seen on TV

The company that makes the dolls, Spin Toys, have made an infomercial that claims the dolls can speak 100 different words and phrases right out of the box. This means you or your kid would have to get a little creative and try many things so you can to hear them all.

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The cost of Brightlings is $29.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $34.98.

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  • Very Interactive

    There are many talking dolls on the market that either talk, record, or sing, but with this doll, you have it all in one package that it will easily become your kid’s favourite toy. Any kid will have hours of fun trying to discover ways of uncovering all the 100 pre-recorded words and phrases that this doll can say and sing.

  • Loves To Chat

    Kids will have a blast with the doll’s playback feature that they will be having make-believe chats with it in silly little voices. Depending on how the doll is placed, either on its feet, stomach or back, it will say a different word or phrase that will delight the kid every time.

  • Repeats Everything

    When you record a message the doll will repeat it word for word. You can tilt the Brightling to change the pitch of the voice message from slow and low to fast and high-pitched to hear it in many different ways.

  • Can Sing

    This doll loves to sing short musical phrases, and it can do it in six different music styles like rock, opera, yodelling, pop, jazz and beat boxing. The doll can be tilted in order to switch up the way a phrase is sung in so you can hear it in a whole new light that is refreshing and funny.

  • Comes Alive

    The doll is amazing and truly comes alive when it talks as its face lights up, depending on what color it is, which will cheer up any grumpy kid in an instant. Another amazing thing about it that will wow anyone is that it has an animated mouth that moves when it talks, making it look as if it is really talking.

  • Colors

    Each doll is sold separately and comes in different colors that kids will want to collect them all so that they can use them to play with friends during a play date or a sleepover. The colors that are available are blue, pink and purple.


  1. Playback.

    Kids can have fun with the doll for hours listening to the words and phrases it can say. The doll says different phrases depending on how it is held or placed on the ground, like “I love you” when hugged or “I’m sleepy” when placed on the floor while lying on its back.

  2. Record Messages

    Kids can record short messages for fifteen seconds then play them back to themselves or use them to pass along secret messages of gratitude or affection to family and friends.

  3. Sing Along

    The doll sings in a variety of funny pitched voices, and in different music styles that kids will enjoy singing along to. Your kids will enjoy hours of sing-along fun with these dolls by recording their own short musical phrases then singing along to them.

How It Works

When the tummy of the doll is squeezed, it will either say a word or phrase, repeat a recording, or sing a phrase for you depending on its position, tilt, or placement. Squeezing the hand of the doll will switch between play, record, sing modes of interaction. During recording mode, squeezing the Brightling's ear will allow you to record a short message for instant playback. When in sing mode, squeezing the ear changes the doll’s singing styles to one of the six mentioned earlier.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Squeeze Left Ear.

    To get started recording a message on the doll, squeeze the left ear in order to activate the microphone. This will get it ready to receive your message.

  2. Record Message

    After pressing the ear, speak your message into the right ear. Just remember that you can only record for fifteen seconds only.

  3. Squeeze Tummy

    After you are done recording, squeeze the doll's tummy to hear an instant playback of the recording. .


The Brightling is a pretty new toy on the market but it has already garnered reviews on online stores, like Amazon, that seem to indicate that the toy is not a scam. It has an average of 4.7 out 5 stars based 18 customers reviews, with 72 percent of the reviews being five-star reviews, and the other 28 percent being four-star reviews. This seems too good to be true, especially since, out of the 18 customer reviews, 17 of them were not verified purchases but mostly from people who got it for free for an “honest review. ” The one verified purchase gave it a five-star rating that wasn’t even all that useful, other than to let us know they loved it.


  • Talking Tom

    This toy doll is a very good alternative to the Brightlings because he has almost the exact same features, like playing, recording and singing songs. Talking Tom is also very animated and acts according to where he is being touched, like touching him on the feet, tail, belly, and face will elicit a different response every time for more fun. .

  • Electric Pets

    Many electric pets, like Harry ( an electronic dog ), also feature the same features as the Brightlings. Plus, they can make animals sounds like barking, meowing (if it is a cat), and other animals sounds. Since they are mechanical, they can also run, walk, “chase” or jump, or respond to touches, which can add to the fun for a highly interactive experience with these toys.

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