Blood Type Workout

The six-week Blood Type workout works with each individual blood type to burn calories and lose weight quickly and naturally. Each blood type will have a specially designed workout concentrating on particular functions, such as an energizing workout for Type O’s, calming and conditioning workouts for Type A’s, mind and body metabolic programs for those with Type B’s blood and fun choreographed workouts for Types AB’s. In addition to specific blood type workouts, the 13 dvd set also includes hybrid workout programs for all blood types. The program also includes a calendar with each blood type’s indicated exercise programs highlighted and a comprehensive nutrition book.

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The Blood Type Transformation plan is a six-week program designed by Dr. Christiano. This is an in-home fitness program that concentrates on each person’s blood type to activate weight loss and burn fat naturally. Each blood type’s workout is specifically designed with the right combination of high-energy workouts and a customized nutrition plan to adjust metabolism to get into great shape in just six weeks without the need of a personal trainer. By using the body’s chemistry to break down enzymes, this program can improve overall health, slim your waistline and create long, lean muscles in the process.

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  • Utilizes individual blood types to lose weight
  • Helps you get in shape in six weeks
  • 13 DVD workouts for all blood types
  • 1 Hybrid workout DVD
  • Workout calendar
  • 78-page nutrition book with recipes and tips targeted for each blood type
  • Bonuses: Getting started DVD, Animal yoga DVD, large stability ball, sand resistance and resistant bands


  1. Use your own body’s chemistry to naturally lose unwanted pounds
  2. Slim your waistline
  3. Acquire long, lean muscles
  4. Break down fat
  5. Burn calories

How it works

The Blood Type Workout includes high-energy workouts, customized six-week nutrition plans and workout calendar. This program helps you lose weight by adjusting your metabolism. Personal training DVDs are available for each blood type with one-on-one and day-by-day workout plans. Each blood type gets three workouts with a specific focus related to their functions: Type O exercises includes an energizing workout whereas Type A focuses on calming routines, Type B metabolic program works on the mind and body and Type AB uses invigorating choreography to move those bodies. Plus, a Total Body Hybrid workout is included for all types.

How to use it

  1. Once you find out what blood type you are, choose appropriate DVD
  2. Follow the nutrition plan that includes recipes and tips to target weight loss, applicable for each blood type
  3. Follow the specially designed workout by keeping track with the workout calendar
  4. Use any room

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Dr. Christiano?

Joseph Christiano, ND, CNC, is a naturopathic doctor and certified nutritional counsellor who has spent forty years developing individualized diets and exercise programs for Hollywood celebrities. Dr. Christiano has authored several books including Bloodtypes, Bodytypes, and You, Never go Back, and My Bod, God’s Temple. Dr. Christiano has also developed a nationwide campaign for helping kids with obesity and related illnesses and poor academics.

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Yes, we do! You can choose to either make a single payment of $99.00 to receive the bonuses which includes the free gifts or choose the 3-payment plan of $33.00 plus shipping and handling.

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